The Best of JE

Here are the posts that have received the most feedback, the most hits, and the most link-tos. Enjoy!

Can Homeschoolers Create Their Own Luck?
Homeschoolers Being Prepared for the Real World
Hot Homeschoolin’ Mamas or More in Feminist Homeschooling
Tips and Tricks for Encouraging Enthusiasm and Motivation in Homeschooling
What to Do When Extended Family Isn’t Homeschooling Effectively
Homeschoolers Miss Out and Homeschooling Stress
What If Something Doesn’t Work?
Why Do We Need So Much Sleep?
Unschooling, Zen-schooling and Trust
Perfectionism Is Not a Flaw
Basics of Homeschooling
Zen and the Art of Letting Go
The Parent’s Role
I Am Your Teacher; You Will be Assimilated

Is Homeschooling Better Than School?
Neopets and Webkinz
Two Kinds of Rules
10 Ideas for a Better Education at Home
A Child’s View of Fairness
Considering Homeschooling Curriculum
Who are YOU?
Tests That Really Test Our Knowledge
Games Unit Study
5 Homeschooling Secrets
The Importance of Not Meeting a Goal
On Being Eclectic
On a Kick and Idling
Other People Fixing My Problems
How to Get Started Homeschooling
The “Right” Way to Educate
Feminist Homeschooling Concerns
So, What Do You Do?
10 Signs You’re Doing a Good Job Homeschooling

Technology Is Changing Education
Reading “Trash”
Comparing and Judging Each Other
More Time to Learn
Homeschooling is Anti-Feminist?
How Did You Start Homeschooling?
How To Teach
Living As Though School Doesn’t Exist
What Really Matters
5 Deschooling Tips
Math Is Not Scary
New To Homeschooling? Where to Start
Missing Opportunities and Free Time
Trust Is the Magical Element
5 Best Things About Homeschooling
Creating Life Long Learners
Parents and Teachers Keep Schools Afloat
My Children Teach Me About Change
The “Power” of Praise
Pulling a Child Out of School to Homeschool
Real Cons of Being Homeschooled
Bad Handwriting Habits
More About Deschooling
My Kid Will Play Video Games All Day!
10 Questions New Homeschoolers Should Ask Themselves
I Love Homeschool Support Groups But…
Four Homeschooling Questions (From a Teacher)
Homeschooling Is Hard
Is There a Right Way to Educate?
Math Fear
Educating Our Children to Full Personhood
Learning in “The Zone”
School Success and Life Success
Freedom vs. Controlled Dissonance
Training Kids for College
More About Homeschoolers Being Selfish
Are Homeschoolers Selfish?
What’s Wrong With Being Shy?
Homeschooling to Learn to Think
Homeschoolers, Are You Doing Enough?
10 Ways to Learn In Life
On Being Organized and Prepared to Homeschool
7 Educational Goals
Actually, These Are the 10 Steps to a Better Homeschool
10 Steps to a Better Homeschool
Critical Thinking is Impossible Out of Context
10 Reasons Not to Homeschool
Getting Started in Homeschooling
Homeschoolers Are Indeed Weird
Passing Down Non-Mainstream Values
Deschooling Gently (This is the post that inspired the book!)
Adjusting to Homeschooling
The Real Cons of Homeschooling (Most popular post on the entire blog!)
Is the Point to Aim for College?
Socializing Is a Non-Issue?
Readers Are Boring
Stressing About Preschool
The Definition of Homeschooling
Learning Through Filters
Multidimensional Learning
Educational Goals
Learning to Read Doesn’t Have to Be Scary


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