I Am Your Teacher, You Will Be Assimilated

You know, I won’t even make a comment about this article. Just read it. I can’t believe the NJ newspapered publish this article as “News”.


8 Responses to “I Am Your Teacher, You Will Be Assimilated”

  1. sam Says:

    Oh come on, Tammy. They aren’t our kids. We just house them between their shifts at school.

  2. lori Says:

    The article claims teachers should be shown the respect they “deserve.” Nothing in there about earning respect. And nothing in there with even a whiff of respect for the parents or children. What’s sadder is that probably a good portion of parents will read that thing and think they should do what it says.

    The article so badly one-sided and illogically written that it could pass for satire (written by a critic of public schools).

  3. Tammy Says:

    Sam – I missed that memo. Why do the memos never get to me?

    Lori – You’re right on about respect. After reading that article, how could anyone have respect for the person writing it, or anyone who thought it was funny? And I thought for a moment that they were pulling my leg too. That it was satire. I was hoping it was.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Respect THEY deserve? I was treated as an obstacle, an enemy, and a not-terribly-bright conscript and THEY want respect? Ooookay, not the sort of article I should read before morning coffee. Or elevenses chocolate.

  5. Sheri Says:

    Directly from the article: “I suggested she homeschool her child. I figured that homeschooling would mean the daughter would need therapy someday but there was no reason the teacher should require therapy as well.”

    OMG, can anyone be more ignorant?

    My supermarket clerks are nicer to me than most of my daughter’s teachers were. My concern for her well being was what drove me to be in their faces in the first place.

    I also thought that it was a joke at first. So sad that it wasn’t.

  6. Dawn Says:

    Okay. Yes, I think this article was silly. I don’t think it was meant to be seen as “real news”. I have home schooled my 3 children for a while now and am very happy doing it….but I have to say that I taught as a spec.ed teacher in a public elem. school for many years. I loved and cared about my students, but YES there are problems. I saw a lot in those years in public school. There are some teachers out there that are awful, and there are some really great teachers out there, just like any other profession. Sad to say, but several things in that article ARE true. Maybe you don’t know parents like those mentioned in this article, but they DO exist.
    I remember being in the school office about something when an irate parent came busting in. “Where the f—k is my son?” Now isn’t that pleasant? Her (elementary age) son had been called to the office to see the principal because he thought it was a riot to call his teacher a f—in bitch in front of the class. Gee, I wonder where he got that from? Or the parent whose child is chronically late to school because (in the words of her own child) “Mom thinks 7:30 is too early for school. She is still sleepy. She brings me when she gets up.”
    I could go on and on but I won’t. Many teachers work hard every day. It is not easy. They get blamed for things that aren’t even there fault. Parents get upset about the curriculum and want to yell at the teacher about it. The teacher has to teach what the admin. tells her to teach. She doesn’t have much choice.
    I realize that most homeschool parents don’t see these things. They DO love their children, they DO follow through and do whatever is necessary to help their children to learn. But the sad truth is that there are parents out there that really are so wrapped up in their own lives that the welfare of their children is nothing more than an afterthought.
    It’s heartbreaking really.

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  8. southernitaly Says:

    WOW! crazy article…not shocking though…seems to reflect NJ standards…i.e. teachers know everything and are always right…and parents know nothing at all about ouor own children – I went to “back to school night” last night in my son’s first grade, NJ classroom and the teacher actually said “I am the Queen of this classroom and your children will learn to obey” (ha! well…now…obvious why I am browsing homeschooling blogs!!!!) I am so sick and tired of the school system not respecting ME as a parent – that lack of any sort of respect makes it difficult to feel any towards teacher and administration in the NJ pubilc schools…or at least the one I am dealing with!

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