CA HS Legal Updates

On February 28, 2008, a California appellate court judge published a ruling that contained an opinion on the laws concerning education at home in California. I’ve been updating JustEnough with the most accurate information that I can find. If you have information regarding our current situation in California, please email me.These are the posts that discuss the issue. Some information in the older posts is outdated or no longer relevant. Please keep the posting date in mind when considering the information.
Posts are listed in reverse chronological order, with newest posts first.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable California – August 20th, 2008

Homeschoolers Win in California – August 8, 2008

ISPs are now PSPs – July 22, 2008

Juvenile Court Terminates Jurisdiction Over Minors in Case – July 11, 2008

Court rehears California Homeschooling Case – June 23, 2008

Debbie Schwarzer does an interview outlining the current situation in CA. – June 6th, 2008

California Amicus Briefs Accepted in Homeschooling Case – Press release on May 20th, updating us on where in the process we are in the rehearing of the in Re: Rachel L. case.

Update on CA homeschooling and ACR115 by HSC Board and Legal Team – Although things are quiet, keeps your eyes peeled. There is still drama brewing under the surface.

Call for Credentialed Parent and Teachers to Sign Petition – CHN has asked credentialed teachers and parents to sign a petition. Is this going to help us?

Court Vacates Homeschool Ruling – This isn’t the end, but it’s a positive step. We’ll have until June to find out if we’ll end up with another go-around on this.

CA Joint Press Release – All of the CA homeschooling groups, and HSLDA, issue a press release, and visit some politicians in Sacramento.

CA Gets More Support from Education Deparments – The list of non-homeschooling politicians supporting the current education laws and previous interpretations gets longer and longer.

CNN Headline News Homeschooling Interview – There has been an enormous amount of press regarding the CA homeschooling challenge. I decided to add this post to the list because, well, it includes my awesome kids in it. Also, it represents the typical media treatment of the story.

Making Sense of All the Homeschooling News – I wrote this one at a time when I was getting a number of questions regarding what, exactly, we were supposed to do to help keep CA education codes and laws intact.

Jack O’Connell, CA’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Speaks – In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is Jack’s official statement regarding the hubbub.

More Info on the CA Homeschool Resolution ACR 115

HSC’s Statement about ACR 115 – When the resolution first appeared, we weren’t sure if we should support it. HSC’s Debbie Schwarzer explains her perspective on the importance of this resolution.

ACR 115 Information – The first we heard about ACR 115

CHN’s Official Statement on the Ruling – Soon after the ruling, CHN writes an official response to explain to CA homeschoolers that we are not in danger.

Update on California – It’s still not illegal to homeschool – When things were still fresh, I explain why it’s still not illegal in CA to homeschool, even if some people would like to believe it’s true.

It’s Not Illegal to Homeschool in CA – When the news first hit, there was a lot of confusion. I wrote this post to explain what was happening, and what the court’s decision really means for us.


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    […] But it was a nice mental break from the battles being fought in Tennessee, New Hampshire and California. It also provided a nice contrast to a headline that would appear on a North Carolina news site on […]

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