5 Best Things About Homeschooling

What are the 5 best things about homeschooling, in your experience?

Here’s my list for today (everyday my list changes 🙂

1) My family is free to choose learning and living over bureaucracy.

2) Everyone in my family learns at their own pace, in their own way, on their own schedule. Yet, we all work together like a well-oiled machine.

3) Everyone is happy to help everyone else learn, and we don’t pressure each other to live up to our own expectations of what a “smart” person is. We enjoy each other no matter how much we know, don’t know or how we learn. And nobody outside our family puts pressure on us either.

4) We can set our own schedule, take breaks whenever we need to and illnesses and unexpected events don’t distrupt our lives.

5) We don’t ever have to make a diorama.

Ok, your turn!


11 Responses to “5 Best Things About Homeschooling”

  1. tobeme Says:

    These are all great reasons. Wish I would have home schooled. I think it would have be very wonderful!

  2. beth Says:

    really? You all work together like a well-oiled machine? I would like to hear more, I often feel like I am balancing competing interests (one kid wants to go out for a nature exploration, one wants to stay home and read books, I want to bake biscotti). Often, in my house, it seems we are well-oiled pieces of several different machines

  3. Tammy Says:

    Hey Beth, what you describe sounds great to me!

    The kids, hubby and I aren’t always able to do what everyone wants to do at the same time, but we work around each other, and negotiate, and figure out how we can all get our needs met.

    We do have arguments, and disagree. But we do our best to make sure everyone can do what makes their life meaningful.

    So, in your case, we’d bake biscotti in the morning while the other reads quietly, then, take the biscotti with us to go on a nature exploration, and the one who wants to read a book, brings his book along.

    There’s no perfect way. But each family has a way that’s just right for them. I think we can say we work together well because we’ve allowed “our way” to come out. Some of the things that work for us surprised me. Such as getting up late, and going to bed late. I’m not a late person, but that’s what works for us as a family. I fought it for a while, but when I finally let go, we evolved into a much less stressful rhythm.

  4. Carol Says:

    Like you, I think my top 5 change from day to day…. but the best today were…
    1. Relaxed evenings (a huge contrast from the way things were when they were in school)
    2. Time to share things I love with them (today it was music)
    3. Learning together (it boggles my mind how much there is to know in this world and how little of that knowledge I possess)
    4. Time to spend with friends
    5. Ending each day contemplating the possibilities for tomorrow instead of stressing about a to-do list

  5. janedeau Says:

    1. My daughter feels good about herself

    2. She doesn’t have to “fail” at something and then be forced to move on even if she can’t keep up and she doesn’t have to be “held back”

    3. She is able to work at her own pace

    4. We have freedom and flexibility

    5. I get to be with my child and watch her grow and learn

  6. Could there be 365 reasons? « It’s my only job Says:

    […] 2007 I posted yesterday about being grateful for the relaxed school night evenings.  Then read this post about the 5 best things about homeschooling.  All this got me to thinking that each day really […]

  7. beth Says:

    yes, you are so right….letting go of the fight. Thanks for the reminder that “well-oiled” doesn’t mean “perfect harmony” but that there is a way to move through the struggles to create harmony.

  8. Sheri Says:

    Great list…thanks for the opportunity to share.

    We’ve only been at it for four months but we’ve already learned so much. My list of the 5 best things about homeschooling are:

    1) Getting to really know each other as people. Not having to fit that in to evenings and weekends.

    2) Deciding as parents what you think you’re child should be and is ready for learning.

    3) The challenge to be creative when it comes to teaching something specific like math or grammar.

    4) Of course the time I get to spend with my child.

    5) The shared joy of facilitating a learning experience that your child that is excited about.

    Love your site Tammy. Keep up the great work.


  9. onlysometimesclever Says:

    Oh… keeping it to five… that’s the challenge.

    1. The freedom to create our own schedule — our time is no dictated by the school bell or calendar.
    2. The freedom to study any subject that we — or I find interesting.
    3. The fact that I actually get to spend time with and know my four children.
    4. The fact that my children are personally tutored by the woman who loves them best — no one is going to care more for them personally, nor cheer for their successes, nor work with them in their struggles more greatly than I do.
    5. The fact that, generally, our home is a place of peace. I mean, we have the noisy chaos of four children, but we have dinner together virtually every night, our evenings are spent watching sports on TV, or playing a card game, or tossing the baseball, or taking a walk to the neighborhood park. I don’t think we would have the opportunity to do many of those things if our time was consumed by homework and the general busyness that seems to accompany families whose lives revolve around school and its happenings.

  10. southerngirlmusings Says:

    Thanks for writing about this and making me think about it…5 things:

    1) The freedom to choose our path and what that path will look like for us and our children.

    2) The ability as teacher/mom to learn with my children and to see them learn…I love the fact that each day we will discover something new.

    3) Doing what works best for each child instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

    4) The flexibility of our day that allows for our evenings to truly be family time when dh arrives home.

    5) The nurturing of all of our family relations through getting to know each other and the world around us.

  11. southerngirlmusings Says:

    I forgot to add that I like dioramas. 🙂

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