10 Signs You’re Doing a Good Job Homeschooling

Inspired by Guilt-Free homeschooling (I love that name), I created my own list. Enjoy!

10) The kids wake up every morning generally happy and looking forward to what the day brings. (Exception: when you have a night owl. Then, they don’t want to go to sleep because there’s so much to DO! They don’t want to put if off until tomorrow.)

9) When you look at a curriculum, or class, or book, or field trip, you have a pretty good idea if your kids will enjoy it or not. (And, if they don’t end up liking it when you thought they would, it’s not a big deal. You use it as information for the future.)

8) You see yourself as a learner too.

7) You have “wow, my kids are so interesting!” moments, well, a lot.

6) You know what your family philosophy is, and what “learning” and “success” mean to you. Independent of what it means in the world around you.

5) Your kids aren’t afraid to bring up the topic of school. In fact, they are willing to go to you about pretty much everything, even if it’s controversial, embarrassing or illegal. They trust you, and you trust them. (Doesn’t mean things are perfect. But the lines of communication are open.)

4) You love being around your kids. (Although, we all do need a little bit of a break sometimes. Even from the people we love to be around. So, you also make sure to find time for yourself when you need it. )

3) You want to homeschool. Pretty much anyone who wants to homeschool, is doing a good job. Anyone who puts themselves in the position of being responsible for their own children’s education, in our world where academic outsourcing is the norm, is not a slacker.

2) You realize that “doing a good job” has little to do with how many boxes you check off, how many worksheets you get done, or how well the kids do on a test. But by the internal gauge that only your family, and the members of your family, can understand.

1) And the number one sign that you’re doing a good job homeschooling: You feel like you belong in the world, and there’s no end in sight to all the amazing things there are to discover out there.


8 Responses to “10 Signs You’re Doing a Good Job Homeschooling”

  1. (((((HUGS))))) sandi Says:

    Now that’s good stuff! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Sheri Says:

    Thanks Tammy!

    That’s awesome.

  3. celticmuse Says:

    Love the list, it is great.

  4. CarolynM Says:

    EXCELLENT!!! Keep up the good work!!! (((((HUGS)))))

    (and thanks for the kudos!)

  5. Are You Doing a Good Job Homeschooling? « Cocking A Snook! Says:

    […] You Doing a Good Job Homeschooling? 30 06 2007 Tammy blogged this here the other day: . . . And the number one sign that you’re doing a good job homeschooling — […]

  6. Crimson Wife Says:

    Thanks so much of sharing this at the CoH!

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