10 Steps to a Better Homeschool

1. Read as much as you can about education and homeschooling. Reading about parenting is also important. And if it pertains to your situation, spiritual resources.

2. Go to a conference. Hands down the best way to improving your homeschooling.

3. Plan for relaxation, love and being together. Enjoy each other’s company as often as you can.

4. Understand your child’s learning style.

5. Undersatnd your own learning style (and your spouse).

6. Make a family plan (either orally or written). Once you have that plan, be sure that whatever method or style of homeschooling you choose fits with that plan.

7. Have regular “meetings” with your spouse. Family meetings are also good. Good communication results in a better family education.

8. Be willing to try new things, and to dump things that don’t work.

9. Use curriculums and methods as a tool. Don’t be a slave to them.

10. Focus on what your children can do, instead of on what they can’t. If you focus on the holes in their learning, they are enormous and daunting, and make it too easy to freak out that there’s too much that isn’t being learned. If you focus on what they do know and work with that as your building blocks, the holes they have will fill up on their own, and won’t seem quite as big.

Happy Homeschooling!


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