Tests that really test our knowledge

I used to love these kinds of tests in school (and in the reading portion of standardized testing). I got an A++ every time.

Here are the real tests of the world that let us know when we’ve learned something:

1) Being able to show or explain it to someone else

2) Having a dinner conversation about something

3) Doing a job, and being paid for it. Then getting more business because of how well we did the job

4) Games

5) Being solely responsible for something (an article, a project, a presentation, a class, etc.)

6) Having to read an instruction manual or figure out how to put something together

What other things in life really put our knowledge and abilities to the test?

3 Responses to “Tests that really test our knowledge”

  1. grateful1 Says:

    i realize alot of things are stretching exercises ..to create and maintain an open mind ..a stream of consciousness THAT WE are comfortable with or that meets our needs …and Im there…hopefully you can help me consider how these attitudes,ideas,concepts help me towards…WHAT SHOULD I DO??? and i laugh (like a child in the dark)….when Im interested in my child passing the standardized tests when I dont even know what the heck is on them..in case he goes to public school next year (9th grade..ya never know) IN OUR FAMILY..thats just “the track” we wanna keep along with.. integrating other attitudes AND WAYS of living..it is a melange for us…but hand picked fruits of our choosing ..for our reasons.. to meet the needs… we are needing.. for OUR comfort and feelings of safety…it may be obvious we’re new(smile)..but I follow and look for..your zen-schooling… I would also like to know “on the anal-retentive track… what to prepare for or IS THERE A WAY we can prepare for the standard test that he takes at the end of the year when I dont know what will be on it..I figure just follow the curriculum..but then i read about alot of people who say many different things which work for them which is great!!!but with all due respect I’d like to have some direction..or have I just jumped out of a plane with out a parachute??? this is Grateful1 signing out.. now become Grateful4..anything!!!!!

  2. tobeme Says:

    I love this list! It is all very true.
    You could add, managing money in a way that will increase it’s value.
    Maintaining a positive and productive relationship with others.

  3. Summer Says:

    That is a great list. 🙂 I think just living is the ultimate test. Getting up every morning and going about your day shows that you’ve learned and have grown.

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