Living As Though School Doesn’t Exist

Early on in my homeschooling adventures, I came across this piece of advice, “Live as though school doesn’t exist.”

Well, I can’t really subscribe to that. I mean, I get where they are coming from – especially from a deschooling perspective.

But the thing is, school does exist. And I’m a realist. So I can’t live like it isn’t there.

Instead, I live like school doesn’t matter. Cuz it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter in the same way that the bus system doesn’t matter. It’s there. A lot of people use it. It’s great that it’s there. And in some situations I would use it (like I used it when I lived in Wisconsin). But when I’m not using it, and I don’t need it, it doesn’t matter. I drive the way I drive whether the bus system exists or not.

So, we educate our kids like we do whether school was there or not. We don’t have any problem that it’s there. And we don’t have any problem with the people who use them. And we are cool with the fact that we have to wait for kids to get out of school before we can play.

School does exist, we know about it, and we see how it works. But, our lives don’t involve school, just like it doesn’t involve the bus system. Yet, we still manage to get around pretty good, one way or another. And nobody seems to notice that we don’t use the bus, or that we don’t go to school.


3 Responses to “Living As Though School Doesn’t Exist”

  1. tobeme Says:

    I love your perspective on this. I am sure this will help other homeschooling parents be able to better communicate why they homeschool when there are public schools available.

  2. Anna Says:

    What happened in Wisconsin?

  3. Tammy Says:

    Why did I take the bus? Cuz I was a starving student and the bus was free. And, there was NO parking on campus, so if I drove, I still had to walk a mile in the snow and biting wind to get to my office. The bus dropped me off right in front. We had a car that we used for non-school oriented transportation, or to drop me off when I was late (bus took 30min to get to campus, car ride took about 15).

    Or why did I leave? I left because hubby got an awesome, life-changing job offer in California. It was one of those things where, as much as I didn’t want to come back to CA, it would have been, well, stupid, not to take the offer. I had just finished my MA, so the timing was perfect. It was a choice between hubby’s once-in-a-lifetime job offer or a Ph.D. that I was pretty much using to stall real life anyway.

    Ah, Wisconsin – I so miss it. I can’t wait to go back there.


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