Getting Started in Homeschooling

When we started homeschooling, we took it a day at a time (just as we still do), and avoided being rushed.  I read everything I could get my hands on about education and
homeschooling.  I also took the opportunity to look at as many workbooks as I could each time I went to the book store. I was on the lookout for something I thought the kids would enjoy (not what I thought they

I also scoured the internet for information. (Ok, I still do that too.) I looked for websites, e-lists, articles…anything that would help me solidify my perspective. I wasn’t looking for someone to tell me what to do – I was looking for myself by reading about everyone else.

I guess we never really officially “started” homeschooling. I had been thinking about it for so long, and doing research, that it was a long-term accumulation of experience that led us down this path. I kept my eyes open, my heart open, watched my kids and enjoyed them.

As I have from the time they were born, I have tried to help them enjoy  life and be good people.  I encourage them when I can and guide them, and maybe give them a little nudge here and there when they need it.

Finally, we have been active community opportunists.  We do classes at the park, swim days at the local pools, try to get to the LA Zoo as much as we can (it’s 5min away), and generally get involved.  And you know what, I have never had to “hunker down” with
the kids to do school work (although we do quite a bit of workbook activities as part of our world experience).  They learned through all the things we do, and having information available all around them. It looks like they have put their hands out and soaked up information.

So, in the beginning, my main goal was to figure out where I stood. What was really important to me and my family? What was my educational philosophy. If someone said, “what is the purpose of what you are doing?”, I would have a clear response. Although my perspective is not impenetrable, I know who I am. I know who my kids are. I know who my husband is. And that was when I fully became a homeschooler, and I was willing to say, “yep, we’re doing something different, and it feels quite excellent.”


2 Responses to “Getting Started in Homeschooling”

  1. Spunky Says:

    In an age of conformity, doing things differently is often seen as wrong. People are seeking to find fault and put those who choose a different path on the defensive. Knowing why we homeshcool helps keep me mentally able to withstand so many of the “naysayers.” Now that my first is about to graduate I’m glad we homeschooled. (I just wish the internet was around when I started!)

  2. Laura in CA :) Says:

    We started homeschooling with no philosophy other than we love our daughter more than any teacher could…and she was too little to be gone all day!! 🙂 Of course I had my ‘statements’ to trot out but there wasn’t much behind them!

    I have found over the years that my reasons for homeschooling and my philosophy have changed. What I would have said 5 years ago is not what I would say today. I learn _so_ much from books and even more from real people via the internet and in real life sharing their lives and thoughts, that I’m constantly evolving! 🙂

    One thing I’m grateful for is, like you, being comfortable with going against the norm and not feeling defensive when the inevitable questions come up. Gosh it feels good! 🙂

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