Neopets and Webkinz

During our visit to Colorado, the kids were exposed to Neopets and Webkinz. Are any of your kids involved in these websites? Are they worth it?

So far, we play Club Penguin (free version) and MiniClip online. Are Neopets and Webkinz better? Are they worth paying for? Is Club Penguin worth paying for?

It’s not like we NEED more online fun. But, being the efficient person that I am, I want to pick the best of the best and put our energy there.

So, what do you think?

And, if we decide to sign up for Webkinz, where the heck do we get one?

Update: We did get a Webkinz. A polar bear. Check out my games blog where I talk about it. 

22 Responses to “Neopets and Webkinz”

  1. lori Says:

    I broke down and got my kids each a Webkinz toy this summer. The Webkinz website is free for the first year after you sign up. Thereafter, I think it’s ~$15/year. I’ve already told my kids I won’t pay for the site after their free year is up – I don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t know anything about Club Penguin or MiniClip for comparison, though.

    Right after we got the toys, the kids wanted to play Webkinz on the computer all the time. As the weeks went on, they played less and less. Now they just check in every couple of days or so and spend maybe 30 minutes online playing games.

    What I’m happiest about is that they’re playing with the toys themselves quite a bit. They and their friends have made up entire worlds for them offline, even building them ever-expanding houses out of old boxes, etc. I really thought they’d never play with the toys, given that they don’t play with other stuffed toys too often. But they do, so that’s cool.

    One of the things I don’t like about the online version is that the emphasis is on earning and spending Kinzcash. When you play a game, you earn $$. You can play alone or you can compete against other kids online and earn $$ for winning. Then you go to the stores and buy stuff for your pets. And the prices – oy! Each new Webkinz comes with $2K of Kinzcash. The kids drop hundreds of dollars of their kinzcash per purchase like it’s nothing. So I don’t like the emphasis on consuming in general, but I especially don’t like that it seems to be teaching kids that you can earn and spend a couple of hundred dollars in a half hour. So that’s one reason I’m glad my kids aren’t spending too much time in the online version.

  2. moonflowerdragon Says:

    Are they worth the time? : that’s for the children to say.
    Are they worth paying for? : for that I present our family budget and the allotment for educational expenses and let the boys choose. So far they haven’t chosen to eliminate other items to pay for online games other than World of Warcraft.

    My 9yo when 7-8yo played Neopets online games a little. He has looked at Club Penguin and played there just a little. He (and sometimes his 14yo brother) explore various Miniclip and AlbinoBlacksheep games and I think that is where they found Puzzle Pirates.

    I’ve joined them in Puzzle Pirates, although it is the 14yo who became most involved in the social elements of crew management and fleet issues.

    The 9yo is away at the moment, when he gets back, I’ll ask him to list his recent favourites at our blog:

    Just recently a Twitter friend mentioned a game/adventure that looked interesting, if a little weird: Samarost-2.

  3. Lill Hawkins Says:

    My daughter loves Club Penguin and also Webkinz. She bought a Webkinz poodle at a Hallmark Shop the other day and has spent her one hour a day of screentime on Webkinz since then. She mostly plays the quizzie games, whatever they are. She also plays with the poodle offline, but she’s a big stuffed animal lover anyhow. I like the fact that there’s no advertising on Webkinz and she can’t click and go to another site.


  4. djee Says:

    My kids LOVE Webkinz. My daughter has 39 Webkinz! She wants to collec them all. I don’t buy them for her but she gets them for her birthday and Christmas, etc. That’s all she ever asks for. My kids have been playing Webkinz for over two years now. You don’t have to pay for the account ever as long as you buy at least one new Webkinz each year. Each Webkinz adopted allows you access to your account for 1 full year from the date of its adoption. The main place to buy Webkinz is at Hallmark or Ebay. They run from about $9 to $13 depending where you are. My kids also play with the toys themselves and bring them everywhere we go. If you look around my website, you’ll find lots of pictures with the kids holding Webkinz. They also play Club Penguin and love it but they like Webkinz more. There’s much more to do on Webkinz. I even like playing some of the games. My kids also like Toontown but we’re not memebers anymore right now – we’ve turned it off to save some money. A good thing about Toontown is that you get 6 characters with your one account and so if you have multiple kids then they all can play as a character without having to make separate accounts. My favorite by far, though, is Webkinz. My kids don’t like Neopets all that much.

  5. Kerrie Says:

    My twin 9yo sons (and I!) really enjoy Webkinz. (In our neighborhood, the adults play Webkinz online nearly as often as the kids.) Several of the games are educationally based. Quizzy’s is a trivia answer type game with questions about things like math, social studies, science, and the arts. There are games similar to Boggle and Mastermind. There are games that teach typing/keyboarding skills.

    You have to buy a Webkinz plush toy to get an account. If you want to renew your account after the first year, you need to adopt another Webkinz plush toy. We’ve found it to be an excellent value for our $15. The stores around here sell out of Webkinz FAST.

  6. Sheri Says:

    My daughter loves Club Penguin and saved up her own allowance to pay for the membership.

    She just found out about Webkinz and now wants to get one and sign up.

    She’s also an old pro at ToonTown, as a long time “gaming” family we were beta testers for it went it first came out.

    For us, the nominal membership fees for these games is definitely worth it. They are very safe interactive environments that encourage co-operation.

    I’ve never heard of miniclip…will check that out.

  7. Tara Says:

    My daughter used to play Neopets until she got her Webkinz. Now she likes Webkinz better. She had to use her allowance money to buy the Webkinz and is limited to 45 minutes of screentime a day, most of which she uses for Webkinz. She really likes earning $, banking it and planning what she’ll do with it. We have run into a bit of a problem however, with kids sharing passwords and other kids going in and selling her things or spending all her money. The other kids pressure her for her password, they go in her account and do something, she changes the password, and on it goes. Eventually she’s going to figure out not to buckle under the pressure, I guess. I would encourage your kids to have a no-sharing policy on passwords from the start to avoid this.

  8. Sheri Says:

    I checked out miniclip and daughter said, “I know that site.”

    Very good then. Back to being behind the times.

  9. Tammy Says:

    Thanks everyone for all of your reviews. I think my daughter’s going to dig the Webkinz. And at $15 a year, even if it flops, it’s a pretty darn good price. Gonna get it for her birthday next month.

    When we go online, can our webkin play with your webkinz?

  10. djee Says:

    Yes, the kids can share usernames and play against each other.

  11. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Hey! I’m 19 I’ve been playing Neopets since I was 12. It’s a really fun game and now though neo’s made some changes but over all it’s a fun place to play games.

    The only thing though is that the kids must be signed up with their own e-mail account ( i think) and have different user names they aren’t allowed to have 2 people using the same username, the rules they have are pretty extensive. I’d suggest checking them out. If your children are under 13 you must submit a parent consent form if you want them to use neomail and such other chat like features.

    Overall though It’s a fun place! You can do that stock market which is similar to the real stock market the only difference is that what people buy don’t affect it.

    I loike the site! Hope you’ll like it too. Adults can play as well, it’s not just a “childs” site. It was originally made for College students, now it’s open to everyone and caters to everyone around the world 🙂

  12. Greenleaf Says:


    I am a frequent user of Neopets, and love it. Webkinz, I know how it works, but have never tried it.

    Neopets has been an amazing experience for me, I started about 2-3 years ago. I am 13 now, and I doubt I will stop playing anytime soon. There is no money involved whatsoever with Neopets, which is great. Almost everything involves reading, and I would recommend the site to older kids, (or parents even!) for the sake of us all, no parents wants to be reading everything aloud.

    Although Neopets is friendly to all ages, there are restrictions for younger-aged players. For example, there is a chat system, that allows users to talk, and interact with one another. This is for children of 13 years or older. Younger than that, do not have access to the NeoBoards -as they’re called-, or any other parts of the site to chat or contact other users. This is of course, only out of safety.

    Recently, TNT (The Neopets Team, who fix errors in the site, create the games, etc…) created a section called the “NC Mall” where for the first time, money is involved. This may put people down, suggesting that there is money involved elsewhere. There is none, and TNT says there never will be. The NC Mall is an optional thing, and not all users have to participate.

    I have found some fantastic friends there, and it seems like I’ve known them forever.

    So yeah, it’s a great place. I definitely recommend it. I hope anyone who tries it likes it as well.
    *waves* 😀

  13. rachel Says:

    i play all three. personally, i like neopets the best. neopets has no fee for an account, and the only paying services are the NC mall and neopets premium, both of which are optional. though it does have advertisements, those are simply for keeping their business alive. since the makeover, you can dress up your pets, without the NC mall. dont believe all those web rumors that neopets only wants your money and are going to make the whole site pay to play. those are only rumors. webkinz is fun, but if your kids is ten up they most likely will consider it “uncool” for them in their upcoming teenage years, given to the more cartoonish atmosphere. id say the only advantage to CP is seeing your penguin walk around. my own experience to CP is that it as its fun at first, it gets old reeeaaally fast because they rarely
    do new things.

  14. Manda Says:

    I’m 21 and i like the webkinz alot better, my roommates younger siblings have them, she bought one and now she has 4. she is a college student and she also bought one for our other roommate and i and we go on all the time. I’ve never been big on online games but i have played the neopets when i was younger and i now play webkinz all the time i bought all my younger cousins webkinz for christmas and i really like that you can send gifts to your friends and learn while your playing. there are things that i don’t know on the quizzies trivia game and i learn something new everytime i play.

  15. Tammy Says:

    Thanks again for all of your feedback. Our kids love Webkinz so much, I changed my Pokemon blog to Pokemon and Webkinz blog:

    My older two have asked for a Webkinz for Xmas. The kids do go back to Club Penguin every once in a while. We haven’t tried Neopets. Overall, the kids like Webkinz the best.

    I like that Webkinz doesn’t ask for money. Whereas CP and Neopets do.

    Thanks again everyone.

  16. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Neopets does NOT make you pay, you pay for extras, and I thought Webkinz you have to buy a plushie in order to play so you’re still paying to play.

    Where as neopets is completely free.

    The extras you pay for are Premium, and the NC Mall as well as various toys and collectibles.

    But you don’t have to pay ever for anything.

    I thought I’d clear that up in case.

  17. Colton Says:

    Webkinz or SO worth the time & money…..just don’t go overboard like I did…. I now have 45 Webkinz…..LOL…Neopets are free……. But crappy…..Webkinz teaches responsibility, patience, knowledge and yet your kids still have fun!!!! and the person that said that after a year you have to pay after 1 year….your WRONG!!!!! The only thing you have to buy is the cute and adorable plush stuffed animal…..about 13.99 at most Hallmarts and a few Dawahares… worth the money and time……. By reading this I hope you chose/ choose Webkinz!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jazmine Says:

    hey i’m glad to hear there are webkinz addicts that are older than 10. I’m 19 and have been playing webkinz for months. i sales lady at the mall was selling them. i asked her what the big deal was with them(I ‘d seen them at the local Hallmark store) she explained how they worked. to me they sounded like a mix between Beanie Babie(which i’m guilty of collecting) and Neopets. So I bought a lil kinz pug and now have 10 more. Webkinz is so much fun,even for an adult , i can see how kids can’t get enough.

  19. woohoowolfieX0X0 Says:

    webkinz are awesome!!!!!!!! neopets have too many rules, and i personally think that the animals look sort of mutated! whatever you do, dont buy a “shining star” they came out when webkinz became popular, to copy them. Club penguin is very boring. all you do is waltz around in a frozen wasteland. as for toon town, i have never tried it, but my friends arent allowed 2 play it because their parents say it can give your computer a virus. peace out! add me on webkinz: warriormedecinecat (yeah i know i spelled it wrong. that error is too late to be fixed)

  20. yt Says:

    You should try a new virtual world called Creature Park ( You can play for free, but paying members can earn virtual money by recycling resources found around the world. You can then shop for new pets, food, furniture to decorate your room, and things for your avatar to wear. The membership costs $5.95 a month.

  21. punke217 Says:

    For all of the fun you could have on Club Penguin, it is not worth playing Webkinz or NeoPets. I currently play Club penguin and have tried Neopets. All my friends who had webkinz are switching to Club Penguin instead. Neopets is ok, but not as interactive.

  22. Cloud Says:

    Neopets are the best! Although Webkinz are good too.

    Neopets is the greatest virtual pet site on the internet!! Neopia, the world of Neopets, has awesome lands, 100’s of games, and the cutest little pets!! This is sort- of like Webkinz, but is greared toward ages 7 and up. This is because the game can be challenging at times but is very fun. You may want to consider if the person your giving this to is a good reader because reading is a key element in the game. *Please note the plush doesn’t need to be bought for the account, it is to access KeyQuest.* is totally free and safe too so go have some fun today!!!

    Webkinz is a virtual world mainly aimed at younger kids. More like 6 – 10 year olds. It is a lot more cartoony. And their isn’t as much to do as neopets has.

    Overall, hey are both wonderful but neopets is better.

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