Actually, These Are the 10 Steps to a Better Homeschool

1. Throw away all your Martha Stewart magazines.

2. Get two extra large book bags for library books.

3. Take a deep breath, and accept the fact that the most common question you’ll hear for the next 12 years will be, “So, why are you homeschooling?” The second most common question will be, “How do you know if they are learning?” Don’t fight it. Stop struggling. Just accept it.

4. Don’t read articles about homeschooling in mainstream media. If you do, make sure you have a pillow or some other soft thing you can throw if you need to.

5. Buy a hat or t-shirt that says, “Yes, we’re homeschoolers.”

6. Then get out in the community a LOT until everyone gets to know you as “that homeschooling family”. Once you have that title, then you are an “expert” and people will start coming to you for answers about how they too can homeschool. You may even become a mini celebrity!

7. Get an Amazon credit card. For every 250 points you get, you get $25 credit towards a purchase. And, you get free shipping. Amazon’s prices are awesome too.

8. Memorize this phrase, “That’s a very interesting comment. Thank you for sharing your perspective.”

9. Befriend a homeschooler who’s been around for a while. Pick their brain. Feed them cookies as thanks.

10. Most important at all – HAVE FUN. This is your life. This is your kids’ lives. Might as well enjoy the journey. It’s better than the alternative.


3 Responses to “Actually, These Are the 10 Steps to a Better Homeschool”

  1. Mom of All Seasons Says:

    On #3, don’t forget that perennial favorite: “So, how long are you planning to homeschool?”, with the alternate version being “Yeah, but what are you going to do about high school?”

    I didn’t know that about the Amazon credit card, thanks for the tip!!

  2. Anna Says:

    But the Living mags are so much fun for collages and journaling for pre-writers!

  3. amelia Says:

    I’m not temperamentally inclined to #8, but I think it would help in a lot of situations, homeschooling or not.

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