Steady As She Goes (7 Educational Goals)

There will always be distractions in life. There will always be road blocks. The true measure of our success isn’t how many or how bad the road blocks are. It is in how we respond to them that defines who we are and whether we’re resilient, disciplined and successful.

Even if the whole thing turns out differently than we planned, if we stay true to ourselves, be honest, and keep our life goals in mind, we can keep steady.

Steady as she goes; don’t lose sight of your goals.

Our family goals:

1) Being our authentic selves

2) Allowing everyone to have a say, and everyone’s opinion is worthwhile

3) Knowing how to get info, self-reliance, confidence that we can do what needs to be done some way, some how.

4) Acceptance. Or in other words – first, do no harm

5) Understanding. Not trying to bend the world to fit into our beliefs, but to base our beliefs and opinions on what the world (and people) shows us. (This does not mean to AGREE with or LIKE what the world shows us, however, or to even agree on the conclusions to be made by the evidence.)

6) Allowing each other to make our own mistakes. It is my job to protect my children from harm, but other than that, we allow them ownership of their mistakes, and don’t require them to be the bearer of ours. (Well, that’s one of our goals anyway 🙂

7) Defining our own success. It is ultimately the decision of the individual of what makes them happy, what’s useful in life and what’s important.

What is on your list? How well are you keeping steady as she goes to that list?


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