A Clear Vision of Success

When we think of education, we often think solely about the details of everyday learning. But the big picture of education is to give us the tools to be successful in life. In order to give our children the best education possible, we have to have a clear vision of success.

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Homeschool Mistakes in 2008

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Get Started on a Homeschool Makeover

The first step to knowing what to do today is to know where you want to go.

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Best of Just Enough – 2008

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Homeschooling On the Rise, and the Media Doesn’t Care

According to Tom Campbell of Illinois, homeschooling is becoming much more popular, and in 2008, there wasn’t enough information about this in the newspapers.

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Just Enough Has Been Moved (and Updated and Improved!)

The Just Enough blog has been moved to a new URL. Please update your links, and re-subscribe to the new feed.

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Homeschooling Law Books a Bust

The Law of Homeschooling, a new book by the Education Law Association, touts to be the definitive guide for all homeschooling laws across 50 states.

Don’t be fooled. So far, nobody has been able to correctly amass the detailed nuances of each state’s laws in one place. It’s been tried before, both online and offline, with little accuracy.

Get your information from your own state resources. And ask the people who are involved in your state homeschoolng activism what they do to comply. That’s where you’ll find the real answers.