Worldschooling, Not Unschooling

1114746_i_love_my_worldAs many of you know, I struggle with the unschooling label. Generally, I don’t consider myself an “unschooler’. Or rather, I wear the label very loosely. I prefer the term “zenschooling,” since it is more in line with how I process the concept of education, and how we practice it as a family.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover another term that resonates with us – “worldschooling.”

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7 Responses to “Worldschooling, Not Unschooling”

  1. suburbancorrespondent Says:

    It’s a nice idea; it would be better without the word “school” in it, though. As in, “living.” Or, “real life.”

  2. Heather Says:

    Oh that is GOOD. We struggled for some time to find a suitable term and eventually just gave up–all the good ones–like life schooling etc were taken by thing we didn’t necessarily want to be associated with.

  3. family4family Says:

    I fit the term without ever realizing it. Although I went to 14 different schools, I learned more out of school while traveling – travel schooling I guess you could call it.

    I agree with suburban …. Let’s get rid of the term “school” and “schooling.” That’s not what we do.

  4. They Call Me Bobby Says:

    I have the benefit of having you fine ladies to go out there, do this stuff, figure it out and then apply it when my kids become old enough to be “schooled.” I have scoured the internet researching the different methods of homeschooling (shudder at that word) and unschooling has, so far, been the one that seems to resonate with me the most. But, world schooling (or “world learning” is even better) is an even better description of what I THINK I will do with my children. Love your blog. Thanks for it!

  5. Luke Holzmann Says:

    Hmm… with as general a term as that, I think there are public schooled children who could fit into that definition. And so I’ll make it a “third” for talking about this as a “lifestyle” and not really a “school methodology”… however, it is true that we tend to see more homeschoolers with this ideology than those in a public school system.


  6. Hillary Says:

    We do not resonate with the unschooling label either and as much as I love “world-schooling” I agree with “get rid of the schooling!” We are focused on whole living and I have a hard time even categorizing some of my blog posts because what isn’t educational or family orientated? We came up with the term Infinite Learning which best defines how we feel and live.

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