Joy Behar Calls Homeschoolers “Demented”

The news today is that Joy Behar, one of the women on “The View”, calls homeschoolers “demented” during a discussion about what Barak and Michelle Obama should do for their daughters’ education.

The video is no longer available, so I was unable to see it. But I did look around at some of the other things she’s said:

She compared Rumsfeld to Hitler

She called Rush Limbagh a Terrorist

She called Michelle Malkin a Bitch (Read the transcript here. It’s shows a lot about Joy Behar’s character)

Fox News of course, doesn’t like her.

Now, I don’t watch the View. Nor do I really know the full spectrum of what the various people on the show say to each other. I am only basing my opinion on the first two pages that came up on Google when I searched for Joy Behar. She’s a comedian who likes to call people names, especially if she sees them as conservative.

So, being that she’s a comedian, and doesn’t like conservatives, does it really surprise anyone that she said that homeschoolers are demented? Comedians love stereotypes. It’s not likely she’ll be going into a long, well-researched conversation about the nature of modern homeschooling in America.

In fact, as a moderate liberal, I would say that the fact that this woman doesn’t like homeschoolers is a good thing. If she supported homeschooling, it would make me seriously question my choice.

What she’s really saying is that “Fundamentalist Conservatives are demented.” That’s what she has always said, it’s her pattern of thought, and that’s what she means.

In any case, this proves that the dogmatic unthinking liberals (Like I said, I am a liberal, and I am aware that there is ignorance everywhere) still believe in the homeschool stereotype. Fortunately, this kind of thinking seems to be rarer and rarer. Because not only did Joy Behar insult homeschoolers/conservatives in this conversation, apparently the reason she said it was because the other women initally came up with the idea that Obama could homeschool. If they were stuck on the steretype, they would never have suggested that, because obviously, Obama does not fit the stereotype that is in Behar’s mind.


7 Responses to “Joy Behar Calls Homeschoolers “Demented””

  1. sarah Says:

    i went to the view site, clicked on video and went through the list until I found the one about Obama’s kids and school. So it is there and viewable!

  2. suburbancorrespondent Says:

    I just watched that segment of the video. You can’t take these comments seriously – she’s purposely exaggerating for comic effect, and the best thing our community can do is to laugh with her. No one really cares about her opinions on homeschooling anyway.

  3. TradMomof5 Says:

    Hmmm… I educate my three youngest children at home. My two older daughters are in a top flight boarding school now after being homeschooled for most of their primary years. My oldest scored the highest in her Latin class even though she did not take any formal Latin lessons (she only attended the Traditional Latin Mass from infancy). My younger daughter in the same school, skipped a whole academic grade and breezes through French, Latin, American Literature, and even Pre-Algebra.

    Joy Behar is not capable of defining education on an academic level and she should get help for her own symptoms of dementia!

  4. sunniemom Says:

    What’s interesting about Joy Behar’s comment is that right before she said that homeschoolers were demented, she was advocating the the Obama children be schooled in the White House. Uh- contradict oneself much? Of course, I am sure her idea was to create a ‘school’ in the White House.

    It isn’t surprising that Behar is prejudiced against homeschooling, since she is a former public school teacher (God help those poor kids who had to endure her). She may have been trying to slam Fundy Conservatives, but the best comedians are very intelligent, as good humor is always based on facts- that’s why it resonates and makes us laugh, because we know exactly how much of what is said in jest is really true. Behar says very little that is humorous.

  5. M Green Says:

    I’ve seen her before. I didn’t like her any other time, either. I don’t watch The View–it’s just too catty for me.

    I’m glad I read about it here first, though. Things tend to get blown out of proportion in many other places.

  6. Spunky Says:

    I still have the video on my blog and I have the times marked for the pertinent part of the discussion if you’re interested in watching it.

    The topic came up because Behar suggested that they Obama’s have a school in the White House and somebody said a “homeschool.” She said no, because they’re demented. She was thinking more like Little School in the White House where other children are brought in to school with the Obama girls.

  7. Karen Says:

    Even if she was joking, some statements should not be made. Behar is an insulting and nasty individual and in her bid for more attention, she will go the way of Rosie O’Donnell, and hopefully soon.

    I have watched The View a couple of times and have found it to be profoundly irritating show where common manners and respect are ignored in favor of competiting for the most obnoxious award. Half the time you don’t even know what anyone is saying because they talk over each other and all of them will be takking at once. Very irritating and rude.

    Behar is just another limousine liberal. Just wait until her taxes go sky high and see what names she will call our new president. These people like Behar are dinosaurs from the 60s and need to be in museums. If she has nothing to contribute that is worthwhile, she needs to just go away. I am not going to provide any financial support to the sponsors of The View under the principle that I refuse to support such unproductive, negative, obnoxious and destructive behavior. The very idea that she is becoming wealthy over this nonsense is unreal. We need to stop making celebrities of these kinds of people and marginalize them into obscurity. How else can we teach our children that free speech does not mean that we should express every thought that we have?

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