Six for the Road on TLC – Homeschoolers in an RV

Have you seen the new show, Six for the Road on TLC? I haven’t watched it, but I have heard mixed reviews. Some have said that it’s “the worst portrayal of homeschoolers.” Others think it is a great show.

Here is a note from the family on their intentions for the show and the trip.

I love TLC, but I don’t watch much TV. Please help me decide whether I should make time to watch time this show or not. What are your impressions?

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7 Responses to “Six for the Road on TLC – Homeschoolers in an RV”

  1. Shauna Says:

    Though homeschooling is mentioned, what I took from the first two episodes is that it isn’t about homeschooling but rather family dynamics and the experience of traveling, learning, and spending a lot of time together as a family away from the comforts of home. I think anyone saying it’s “the worst portrayal of homeschoolers” is missing the point to an extent.

  2. Krystal Says:

    I enjoyed it very much. I didn’t think it portrayed much on homeschooling as much as what a life on the road is like. They are life learners with an admitted lean towards unschooling, so I guess in that sense it is about homeschooling. I am in a group with the family so I’m probably biased, but I think it’s a great show.

  3. Joy Says:

    I really enjoyed the show. I thought that they showed homeschooling well. They didnt focuss the whole time on it, but they showed how the family goes out and learns in a hands on style. They focused a lot on how they lived. I liked how the family wanted to spend time together as a family. I guess how you live is homeschooling also.

  4. Frank Carr Says:

    Hey this has been a dream of mine for awhile, doing what yall are doing that is. I still would like to do it but I’m not sure quite how to survive out there on the road. I have thought about taking my tool bag and hand tools and working construction where ever we end up, but I cant do that forever. i am so tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I am a business owner and hate every minute of it. I would much rather be doing what you are!!!

  5. Marg O'Brien Says:

    Having only seen the first couple shows, I have much less concern with the :homeschoolong: than I do with Dad’s ego.
    Making his wife say she loves and appreciates him while he’s napping and she’s coping, makes him seem like a selfish little man

  6. Vernon Loud Says:

    Thank you all for taking time out of your regular life to comment on our show. It is always interesting to take over 400 hours of footage and have it placed into a 22 minute episode. You will be potrayed however the editor wishes you to be potrayed. Filming was an interesting experience for the entire family. It took several months to get comfortable with the film crew and try to “be ourselves” in front of them. If there were a desire to continue the show it would, at least for me, simply be to have a better potrayal of our family “being ourselves”. The 2 shows that aired on TLC were filmed early on and as we watch we can tell a huge difference in our interactions with each other. The other 2 episodes which only aired on Health were much closer to potraying our true interactions. Overall we as a family have grown considerably over the last 17 months on the road and have greatly enjoyed and even been amused at times as people comment on and try earnestly to pass final judgement on our family with only the input of these few episodes. But I have learned that that is what people like to do is catagorize something and then somehow they feel better about it.

    One of the best results of the exposure from the show has been being able to meet more people and getting to share our philosophy that family is important and deserves your undivided attention however you can accomplish it.

    Thanks again to everyone and I hope you have forwarded you comments to the producers, both good and bad. or

    Merry Chrsitmas to everyone,
    Vernon Loud

  7. Rhonda Says:

    I saw the show last night and loved it! We homeschool and have 5 boys (4 grown), and used to either tent or RV camp all the time. I love the way the show was honest about RV space issues and emotions. I applaud the parents’ courage to commit to their children by selling the house and going on the road full time. What a great way for the kids to get a first-hand education! Very inspiring and refreshing.

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