Debate: Are Homeschooled Kids at a Disadvantage?

A member of the California Federation of Teachers and the legal chair of the HomeSchool Association of California go head to head in a heated debate about the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling.

You can get in on the action and say your piece. Let’s see if we can get lots of well-reasoned, level-headed arguments in there to represent the best that homeschooling activists can give!


3 Responses to “Debate: Are Homeschooled Kids at a Disadvantage?”

  1. Judy Says:

    Are you familiar with the English alternative school Summerhill School? This is an interesting documentary about another and more free approach to education. There are just so few choices in the U.S. Here is the MySpace page:

  2. BJK Says:

    I am woundering if the teachers and schools are starting to make a fuss over homeschooling since our scores are better than the school score.

    It seems to me that the less kids in the school gives them more money and time for the other kids.

  3. Julie Carney Says:


    I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts on homeschooling. I’ve been helping the NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation start a blog and plan to share your site with them to give them another perspective on education.


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