What Is It Like for an Unschooler to Go to School?

“My parents always told us why public school is bad, but of course as a kid I’m not really going to understand. I never had the experience to. So I just kind of accepted that it was a bad place that I shouldn’t be until I was about 14. Because I didn’t go to school I always thought I had horrible writing abilities, and a bus load of other things. I finally made the decision to go to my freshman year of high school so I could figure it all out. Why is public school widely considered better? Why do my parents and unschooling parents everywhere preach it’s a bad place to be? Why is unschooling so much better? I got all of my answers.”

Read this amazing essay by a 15 year old unschooler who went to school for the first time as a freshman in high school.


3 Responses to “What Is It Like for an Unschooler to Go to School?”

  1. Heather Young Says:

    That was an amazing and encouraging essay–thanks for sharing.

  2. Zayna Says:

    An awesome and comforting read. Thanks.

  3. Principled Discovery » A homeschooled child’s view of school Says:

    […] tip:  Just Enough and Nothing More This entry was written by Dana Hanley and posted on August 15, 2008 at 12:55 am and filed under […]

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