Homeschooling Is an Odd Choice

What is your first reaction to the statement? “Homeschooling is an odd choice.

Many homeschoolers would respond with, “No it’s not! It’s the natural choice.” or “How can anyone who knows anything about homeschooling say that it’s odd?”

I’m going to take a step back here, and look at our culture’s perspective on education. From this faraway distance, I see many, many children experiencing school as their childhood. A sprinkle are experiencing a life without it. In that regard, I can see why so many people think homeschooling is odd.

It’s different than the norm. It’s unfamiliar. It’s not what most people understand education to be. I can see why people would think I’m odd for making this choice. And I don’t mind. In fact, when someone says homeschooling is “odd”, they are saying more about them, than they are saying about me. Yes, it’s odd. And in my book, odd often means, “free.”

Homeschooling is odd. Don’t you think?


12 Responses to “Homeschooling Is an Odd Choice”

  1. Sandra Foyt Says:

    Odd and Proud!

    Writers, Homeschoolers – Celebrate your otherness! It’s a gift.

    This is how I celebrated:

  2. Doc Says:

    How many parents actually make a “choice” when sending their children to public school? I doubt many even consider that they HAVE a choice.

  3. Obi-Mom Kenobi Says:

    I’m odd in so many ways, homeschooling is probably WAY down the list of reasons to make someone say, “She’s so weird.” And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. Dawn Says:

    People are often uncomfortable with other people that choose to live life differently than most of the population does. I’ve never really been a conformist. I’m glad you’re not either! :0)
    I would agree. Homeschooling is odd. Isn’t it wonderful?!

  5. sunniemom Says:

    Ditto Doc. I dare say most folks who send their kids to PS have given it less thought than they would the toppings on their pizza.

    I agree that thinking homeschooling is ‘odd’ says more about the person than it does the homeschooler.

    Golf pants- now *that’s* odd. 😀

  6. Sarah Chia Says:

    My girl comes up and reads your title:

    “Homeschooling is an odd choice?” she asks. “Impossible!”

    Although, I have to disagree with most of the comments here. In Indiana, where I lived up until 4 months ago, people never batted an eye when I said we homeschool.

    When I moved to Alabama and the subject has come up, more people than I can count said things like, “Oh, I wish I could do that,” or “I’ve been thinking of starting that up, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to pull it off.”

    I try to encourage them to think about it more. But my point is that a ton of people think my choice is far superior to the one they made by sending their kids to the public school.

  7. Beth G. Says:

    I think to society at large homeschooling is “odd”. Why turn down a “free” education, in the “great” schools here in our “great” neighborhood? Spending days with children, children not socializing in a school environment, etc….It is totally different than what the rest of society does.

    I agree with Doc that I don’t think that people “choose” the education of their children–at least choosing in the informed, critically analyzing, weighing the benefits kind of choosing. In the discussions that I have had with people about why they send kids to public schools, I am often struck by the lack of reason or deep thinking. Several people told me they thought one of the important social aspects of schools was to learn to stand in line. That seems rather illogical to me– 12 years to learn that skill? only public school could teach that skill? does that skill really need to be taught?

  8. Veronika Says:

    I see what you’re saying and even felt that way at one time. Now, however, I think school is odd. Not in a judging sort of way, just in a can’t-wrap-my-head-around-it way. It *is* odd that my perspective could have changed so much without any effort!

  9. Kris Bordessa Says:

    Reminds me of when I’d first decided to homeschool and an acquaintance said, “Homeschoolers are a bit….odd.” At the time I was a little offended. It didn’t take long for me to realize, though, that we ARE a bit odd. We don’t embrace a lot of the cultural norms that our public schooled counterparts do. If according to the general public, we’re a bit odd, that’s okay by me – odd, for us, means that we’re content with who we are, happy, and well-adjusted. I also agree with Doc – I think many, many people don’t even realize this odd lifestyle is an option!

  10. Jenny in Ca Says:

    yes, I guess to the popular culture around us- we would seem a bit odd. To come to the realization that you don’t have to send your kids to school- to dare to think outside the box and do things your way- that must seem a bit crazy to people who just do what you are told or are expected to do.

    Looking back to my childhood, I do remember the parents around me (including my own) not putting any thought into school choice. There was no choice, and they didn’t push against it at all. Even when we got a ‘bad’ teacher, they just went along with what was handed out.

    Now, I don’t get that at all.

    We are a bit odd, but we love our life.

  11. Annie Peters Says:

    At least for us, homeschooling is one part of our choice to live an authentic life. We try to reflect on the choices we make, rather than just following the crowd without a second thought. With luck, we will feel like we have truly lived when we look back on our lives. If that makes us odd, we’ll wear the designation proudly! 🙂

  12. Loretta Says:

    Home schooling would be an odd choice for me since I would not be able to properly school my children in math past 3rd grade. It would be an odd choice for my children since I want them to learn to deal and thrive day-in-and-day out with lots of different people, with authority outside of the family, with impossible situations, with standing up for their ideals without me around in a not-ideal world. I want them to be forced to learn and succeed even when they have a bad teacher. I want them to be daily and hourly given the opportunity to be shown visions that I would never even dream of.

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