Deschooling Mom

Wow, I don’t know what to say. Thank you, Lune, for sharing your story, and bringing me along with you.


One Response to “Deschooling Mom”

  1. Lune Says:

    Thank YOU Tammy, even though I have only read the introduction to your book from the free download, it has spoken to me in many different ways already.

    I am absolutely not surprised that many parts of the de-schooling process are things that happen naturally as part of having kids around you most of the time.

    What I have read of your book so far sounds totally true to what I have intuitively thought about de-schooling and home education; it is a holistic process that comes from many facets of a parent and child’s life, one that we can never truly be taught about, but it is something that we all need a little time and patience to unearth gently.

    And it is good to know that our own instincts are the best basis we can use as we go head long into schooling at home. I am excited that you have reconfirmed that to me through your book, during my own de-schooling time happening right now, where I could be spending hours pouring over curricula on the internet, books and methods, worrying about exactly ‘how’ I am going to ‘teach’ my children.

    Whatever happens the children will learn in their own way, and that will always be the most effective way for them to learn.

    Lune x

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