Putting Problems into Perspective

This morning I’ve been stressed out trying to make a decision. Should we, or shouldn’t we, go to Disneyland?

Pros: We have a Silver Pass, so it’s free to get in. We haven’t been in a few weeks. It’s fun. This week, many kids are still in school. Next week, it’ll be much busier as summer vacation will be starting. The weather is perfect (76 degrees). The kids love the D. I love the D too.

Cons: It takes 1.5 hours to get to Disneyland. Gas prices are high to be driving for 3 hours today. That will be a $40 ride. Also, son, has a class at 3:30, so we’ll have to leave at 2. And that means we’ll have to get the kids up and out the door in the next 1/2 hour. Also, food is expensive at the park, even with our discount.

I really am on the fence on this. Even starting to stress about it. Really wanting to go. Really, really wanting to go. But knowing that the cons will probably win out.

Then, it hit me like a train. We have a damn good life, if on a Thursday morning at the end of May, my biggest problem is deciding whether or not to go to Disneyland.

I’m done stressing now. I’ll save my stress energy for when it really matters. Whatever we do today, it’ll be good.


8 Responses to “Putting Problems into Perspective”

  1. suburbancorrespondent Says:

    Free pass to Disneyland? Skip son’s class, pack some snacks, and go!

  2. Zayna Says:

    I’m glad it hit you, otherwise I might have! 😛

    Seriously though, you know life is pretty good when that’s what is stressing you out.

    I’m with SC, throw some sandwiches into a cooler and caution to the wind and go.

  3. Maria Says:

    Isn’t this the truth!? We all stress over “little” day to day things and when we stop to realize it we are lucky to stress over what we have? Did I make sense?

    When we are stressing over foreclosure, major health issues, death, natural disaster those are good reasons to freak..I can so relate to this post though. We are in the process of buying a house and I have been FREAKING out. Completely. Then I realized: my husband has a fairly secure job, my family has their health, I have great friends, I have wonderful opportunities, I have CHOICES. While, for some, these above things are HUGE question marks in their lives…..thanks for sharing your “stress”! We all get caught up in the day to day, don’t we?

  4. Tammy Takahashi Says:

    suburban and Zayna – I ended up giving the universe the decision, and it decided for us not to go. The girls aren’t even awake yet, and it’s 9:45. If they had popped awake at 8:30 and looked at me with bright eyes of “what we doing today mommy?”, we’d so totally be at the D right now.

    Maria – House buying is stressful! It’s hurry up and wait, lining up ducks, and keeping up with all the minute details. Grats on the new house, BTW.

  5. Tammy Takahashi Says:

    Maria – I forgot to add one thing – I totally see what you’re saying. Even when we’re in the middle of something that seems big, there are always bigger problems out there we could have.

  6. gina b Says:

    Hey, Tammy, gina b from Dot Moms here. I am SO with you on this! It’s amazing how we take the littlest things and stretch them out to such stress! So kudoes to you for realizing that you do have a “damn good life”.

    Another thing too: when you actively can stop yourself stressing the little things, you learn to stop stressing the slightly-more-than-little things, and so on. It’s progressive and eventually you can even learn to NOT to stress over bigger and bigger things. It’s a long, slow journey, but for me, I’m getting there…

    So did ya go??

  7. Tammy Takahashi Says:

    Welcome to JE, Gina!

    We didn’t go. Girls slept late. And, the middle one has a sore throat. We’re hanging at home, relaxing today instead. We’ll go next week.

    I hope you’re right about it progressing to bigger things. I’m lucky in that nothing “big” has happened in a while. Looking for wood to knock on somewhere.

  8. Lune Says:

    We always seem to expand our problems to fit our lives don’t we? This has really brought everything back home to me, thanks for the post!! It is really timely, considering we are having the same discussion about taking our children to Disneyland in Paris soon – we don’t even have a free pass!!

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