Summer Reading Programs and Summer School for Homeschoolers

Summer is my favorite time of year for homeschooling. In the summer, the neighborhood comes alive. In the summer, the city and private businesses bend over backwards to offer families and kids opportunities for fun and learning.

In the summer, there are camps, swim classes, reading programs, special promotions, art classes, and so much more. The best part? They are almost all offered during the day, instead of late in the afternoon.

In otherwords, the entire community becomes temporary homeschoolers. In response to that, there are a lot more opportunities during the summer for everyone – and none of them have grades or tests. And all of them are optional. The summer is how the whole year should be, in my opinion.

So this summer, the kids are signed up for two week-long summer camps. One is a full-day camp that takes them to the Griffith Observatory and JPT (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where they design and control unmanned spacecraft). The other camp is half-day, and it’s called Gizmos, Gadgets, and Goop.

They are also taking some swim “lessons”. I put that in quotes, because it’s through the city, and mostly, they just play. Which, being that it’s only a couple dollars a lesson, is perfectly acceptable in my estimation.

Lastly, they are joining in on a clay class.

There is a lot more going on to choose from. But these are the things the kids wanted to focus on (and the maximum that we were able to spend.) And, we know that there are a lot of impromptu outings that we’ll be taking, such as a trip to the Orange county fair. Oh, and we can’t forget our two yearly homeschooling conferences we attend every year.

Summer is my favorite time of year for homeschooling. The rest of the year we live, and relax, and grow. In summer, things kick into high gear and we “learn” more intensely. For us, summer is when all the fun stuff happens, and when things look the most like how I envision a society without school, who learns together, for real.


One Response to “Summer Reading Programs and Summer School for Homeschoolers”

  1. momlovesbeingathome Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun, Tammy! 🙂

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