Friday Five – Your Homeschool’s Themes

Although we don’t like to put labels on ourselves, there have been several themes that define our homeschool and our family. These themes haven’t come around by design, but by practice. Over time, a pattern has developed, of things that we tend to do, like to do, and which fit in with our family culture.

Five of our homeschool themes:

1) Music. As I type this, we have two different music sources filling the room with song. This happens often. I have music on in the back, the kids are in the front, and they put on their music. When I sit in the middle of the house to work, I hear both. Music is everywhere in our lives. We’re either listening to or producing music.

2) Technology. We love technology, engineering, how things work, moving into the future. We are early adopters if we can afford it. We’re very curious about new technology when we can’t afford it. We’re always updating, changing, and moving forward.

3) Books. Books are our life blood. All of us. Different kinds of books for each person. Yes, even textbooks and workbooks. We aren’t book snobs. We read everything.

4) Games. Video, board, card, word, and communication games. Games are our life blood. Wait, I thought I said that books were. Well, games are too. In fact, the reason the kids turned on the music in the front (even though there is music in the back), is because they wanted to use it to play a game they made up.

5) Walking around. We just love to do things that require that we, well, walk around. We take walks, we go to the mall, we go to the farmer’s market, we go to Disneyland, we go to museums…we love walking around. And I hadn’t even realized it until I was thinking about this list, and trying to come up with common themes that run through everything we do, and drive our direction. We like to go places that allow us to walk around and enjoy the world, and each other.

Those are 5 of our themes. What are 5 of yours?


3 Responses to “Friday Five – Your Homeschool’s Themes”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Well, we’re a lot like you, I guess.

    1) Books. We are book addicts. We all read to ourselves, and we read to each other in various combinations. We love the library, the weekly thrift store book sale, online booksellers, and brick and mortar bookstores. We love books for their stories, their information, their illustrations or photographs, their inspiration.

    2) Walking/Biking. We live car-lite and walk or bike nearly everyday (dreary unexpectedly rainy days in May excepted). More than being an alternative to the car, we are out in the world, exploring it and encountering it at a slower pace, without walls of steel and glass separating us from it.

    3) Nature. We love nature and get out as much as we can, whether that is the backyard garden, a local nature park, desert, mountain, ocean. We love nature walks, hiking, playing in water, etc.

    4) Music. Listening to music is happening more often now, but our biggest focus is making music. Piano, guitar , ukulele, drums, rhythm instruments, and of course singing.

    5) Arts and crafts. I almost wrote games, but I think for the boys and I that arts and crafts rank even higher than playing games. (Both happen everyday.) Sewing, drawing, painting, modeling, crochet, knitting, weaving, embroidery, collage, mixed-media . . . there is always some sort of art or craft being pursued around here.

  2. Heather Young Says:

    Books/story: We read constantly, the kids listen to books on cd /online whenever they are occupied with something, the girls read to themselves at night, Issac reads to me before bed, and I read to all three nightly from a chapter book. It has been our habit for years and is not about to stop now.
    games: Video games, board games, computer games, dice games. Games are a constant and a favorite way to learn. They are a wway that our family spends time together (hubby will play a game with the family all around watching–its better than most movies and much better than tv.)
    walking/nature: We walk together often and spend lots of time outside for a geek family. 🙂
    art: Since I am an artist the kids are constantly bringing their drawing/watercolor pads in and working beside me.
    technology: I also do web design and hubby is a programmer–computers and technology are a HUGE part of our lives.

  3. schooldownthelane Says:

    1. Reading-reading is the basis of our homeschooling. I read to them, they read to themselves, they read to each other. We read fiction, non-fiction, magazines, comic mean graphic novels. The vast majority of learning here is done with a literary bent to it.

    2. Science (and other) projects-some we do alone, some we do as part of a *citizen science* project or global awareness issue, some we do with friends. Sometimes they are for presentation, sometimes just for us. Some are elaborate, some are simple. They have all taught us something.

    3. Athletics-neither of my homeschoolers is a natural athlete but both (and their PSed sister too) have regular, organized athletics. Part of this is because it’s a peice I am very bad about picking up on my own and partly it is because I see real value in it. Plus our state requires a PE credit 😉 I’ve found these teams (we’ve done cheer, dance, soccer, gymnastics, tumbling, tennis and horseback riding-currently all three are in dance) have really brought about some nice connections within the community and also some nice personal ones for my kids.

    4. The library-I guess this could go under reading, but it’s so much more for us. The kids have a great relationship with the children’s librarian, especially my oldest. The library lets us use their space for our reading club, my kids participate in the reading programs and DD helps with the younger kids. Not to mention all those great books!

    5. animals-we always seem to have some kind of critter in a jar around here LOL! Our extensive summer catch, hold and release program teaches the kids alot. Add to that our bird feeders and houses, our many domestic pets (3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 mice, 2 rats, a Betta fish, a jewel cichlid and 9 hermit crabs) and that’s a whole lotta learning!

    This year we have also taken on the theme of holidays. We’ve tried to take each holiday and celebrate it as a different country. I suspect this one has just about run it’s course though 😉

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