Message to the World

Karen at Only Sometimes Clever challenged a few of her blogging friends to send a message to the world in 150 characters or less. Here’s my attempt:

Breathe. Laugh. Feel. Accept. Embrace. Smile. Rest. Forgive. Listen. And most of all, love. Now is the only moment we have. Why not get comfortable?

BTW, it just so happens that a Twitter entry is restricted to 140 characters. Coincidence?

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’m supposed to tag a few people. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. 🙂


3 Responses to “Message to the World”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Tammy….I don’t see the part about eat more candy?

    Man after today’s encounter with a man who opened his door into mine and got mad at me…geesh!

    But in all seriousness ditto your list.

    Michelle Nelson

  2. Tammy Takahashi Says:

    Darn! Eat more candy.. I totally forgot about that one. Except, it’s “Eat more chocolate”, BTW, because chocolate makes it easier to deal with people like the mad door-opener 🙂

  3. Susan Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    A friend told me about your blog and now I know why. It’s full of whit, wisdom and common sense. Those are all in short supply these days! I read with particular interest the May 20th post from the young student who asked if she is ‘stupid’ because she doesn’t do well in school. It yanked at my heartstrings. I think she needs someone to help her connect-the-dots between her schoolwork and achieving her dreams and goals. Learning takes on so much more meaning for kids when it is really personalized for them. I know. I’m a writer and publisher of a career exploration workbook that homeschooling parents love because it helps kids to ‘Grow Up.Get a Job.’ through fun, motivating and eye-opening exercises about the work-a-day world. Kids (and their parents) sometimes need tools to make school subjects more relevant and interesting for each individual student. Kids are all so different and what motivates them differs drastically!! We’re a tiny, two women, home-based business, but we both have many years of experience in the employment world so decided to share what we know with kids. We want them to look forward to becoming independent and productive adults in one of the thousands of jobs that will most certainly fit their unique interests, talents and abilities. You can check us out at: Best, Susan Schneider

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