Friday Five – Favorite Blogs

I’m subscribed to quite a number of blogs. Most of them, however, don’t have regular updates. I’m looking for some more blog reading material. Also, I feel like there are so many good blogs out there, but I’m missing them!

Here are five of my favorite blogs to follow, because they have regular content and lots of food for thought.

1) Problogger Blog Tips – I swear, 90% of this blog’s content is usable in some way. There is a reason this guy is a professional blogger, and makes a lot of money doing it. His titles and content keep me coming back for more.

2) Sometimes I’m Actually Coherent – A blog that is near and dear to my philosophical heart. So often I’ll pop over to read his most recent post and by the end I’m in awe because he’s said an exact thing that I want to say, but so much better than me. I admit, however, that Timothy can be a little long-winded at times (hmm… sounds familiar). And I don’t always agree with him (hmm… also sounds familiar). Never stops me from coming back to see what he has to say.

3) Zen Habits – Oh man, if you haven’t seen zen habits, you’re missing out. Chalk full of good advice, ideas and stories. Mostly lists of advice. Easy to digest. Lots of food for thought.

4) The Rejecter and Writer Unboxed – I’m cheating and putting two blogs for #4 because they are both writing blogs. The Rejecter is an agent’s unfiltered view of the writing industry. She answers a lot of reader mail. And Writer Unboxed is a team of editors who give their take on the industry. It’s a good well-rounded couple of blogs to get a good idea of what it takes to become a novelist/author.

5) HEM News and Commentary – If something is going on in the homeschooling world, Valerie will post about it. Not just that, but she gives lots of food for thought on what’s going on, and gives links to other great sources for news and info.

There are about 5 more blogs I could add to this list. Right now, these are the 5 blogs I have been reading regularly over the past months. I like to point them out because they are doing something right. And for those of us who have fledgling blogs who want to grow up, these are good blogs to look at.

What are your 5 favorite blogs right now, and why do they keep you coming back again and again?


3 Responses to “Friday Five – Favorite Blogs”

  1. Meagneato Says:

    I’m looking through my Google Reader to pick what I really like here. I read many blogs that also don’t post much, but with Google reader I can stay updated with more than 50 blogs at a time. I also love Zen Habits!
    1. Jonathan Coulton – I’m kinda a fanatic of his right now. He writes awesome geeky music and distributes them all through Creative Commons.
    2. Dooce – I find her entertaining, love her photography and monthly newsletters
    3. The Crafty Crow – This blog gives a round up of craft ideas for kids from all around the internets.
    4. Ze Frank – I just love Ze!
    5. Bake or Break – She has the most amazing recipe for Pecan Pie Cheesecake.
    Wow, that was hard to narrow down. I also like Pioneer Woman, Craft Magazine, Family Hack, Camp Creek Blog, Mighty Girl, and many more!

  2. suburbancorrespondent Says:

    I look for humorous, slice of life blogs. My favorites:

    Derfwad Manor
    Navel Gazing At Its Finest
    Big Mama

    And my one thoughtful one among my favorites:

  3. Laura :) Says:

    I have a TON in my favorites list but only a handful that I check regularly….and here they are:

    1. Just Enough and Nothing More – you make me think! And your nice….and funny…..and inspiring!!
    2. David Lebovitz – he’s an American living in Paris and he loves chocolate! I live vicariously through him! 🙂
    3. April Winchell – I used to listen to her on the radio and she cracks me up! I’m a sucker for irreverent humor!
    4. Look Me in the Eye – an amazing man with Asperger’s.
    5.The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks – it’s fun to read the signs with the emphasis and her comments are funny, too. 🙂

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