Would You Want to Have You as a Teacher?

I came across a blog today, that asked, “Would you read your own blog?” It got me thinking about my blog, and my content, and whether I would, indeed, keep coming back here to read it. It’s a good question, and worth considering.

Then, as per the norm, I starting thinking how this same question could apply to homeschooling. Would I want a copy of me to be my teacher?

Now, what about being a parent? Would I respond well to my own parenting style?

Any thoughts about this in your own blogging, teaching, and parenting?


4 Responses to “Would You Want to Have You as a Teacher?”

  1. Zayna Says:

    Wow, you ask the best questions.

    Would I respond to my own parenting/teaching style?

    I would have to say Yes and in truth, I think it’s because I actually use my own personal take as my guide.

    I didn’t have an ideal childhood and I don’t like using “what I was taught” or “how I learned” as a benchmark.

    Since I know first hand what hasn’t worked for me or my children, I often ask “how would I like to be treated, guided or talked to” when dealing with my kids…whether it’s homeschooling or just parenting in general.

    As to whether or not I would read my own blog, well of course, chances are if I won’t read it, few others would.

    Great Post.

  2. Heather Young Says:

    Absolutely. My husband and I are basing our own technique on how we best learned as children AND how our children each learn best. Since we are both still very motivated and constantly having projects and need lots of down time where in we daydream and consider we allow our children to do the same–and it works well for all three of them.

    And you know you enjoy reading your own blog when it comes up in the feed reader and you are halfway through reading a very enjoyable post when you realize that you wrote it. Happens to my husband and I both quite often. 🙂

  3. Dana Says:

    Interesting question. I think yes. I would have liked a few more tangential discussions and impromptu lessons because it seemed like the day for it.

  4. Laura :) Says:

    Sheeyaaahh!! I’d love to have me for a teacher!! 🙂 Since I don’t get paid for performance numbers or have a union telling me that I’m more important than my students, I have so much freedom to teach (or not teach) whatever we think is valuable! …..yummy!!…

    I also have so much fun learning things with my kiddos that I sometimes wonder if they even realize that they are in “school” and not having fun with mom!!

    Yay Homeschool!!!!

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