Friday Five – Favorite TV Shows

TV shows. There are only about five billion available. Which five TV shows are your favorites? (Kids’ favorites are fair game too.)

For those of you who do not watch TV, list five things you do instead of watching TV.

My family’s five: (Disclaimer, I don’t watch much TV, except when the family is watching.)

1) Just for Laughs – Canadians have the best sense of humor. I get a good chuckle from this when the kids turn it on.
2) Mystery Diagnosis – OK, I admit, when I am in the mood to watch TV, these real-life medical dramas are one of the few shows I flip to. I like the ER shows, and the “I barely survived” shows. I’m not sure why I enjoy watching them. Especially since when I watch too much MD, I end up fearing for weeks that I have some rare disease that nobody’s heard of.
3) Ben 10 – What is UP with this show? It’s the kids’ favorite. Even more favorite than Pokemon. If I had done this list 2 months ago, Pokemon would have been first. Now it’s Ben 10. They can’t WAIT until the live action movie comes out.
4) Unbeatable Banzuke – The Japanese know how to make a game show. And even if they don’t, they get many extra credit points for creativity and tenacity. (I’m really not a big fan of this show, but I do appreciate the effort.)
5) Dexter – I have ONE more episode until I’ve finished watching the DVD of the first season. I really can’t stand gore and people being murdered and all that. But this show isn’t about that. It’s about psychology. No really. It is.

Ok, your turn!


6 Responses to “Friday Five – Favorite TV Shows”

  1. Meagneato Says:

    I’m delurking here!
    1. Ace of Cakes – we watch this as a family, and my 7yo loves it!
    2. Dancing with the Stars – I am not a fan of reality tv shows, but this show is so positive and fun that it is by far my favorite show right now.
    3. Dirty Jobs – Mike Rowe is hilarious, and I think I enjoy the show more because I like watching my husband laugh throughout it.
    4. Fetch with Ruff Ruffman – this is my daughter’s favorite show and talks about being on it when she becomes old enough.
    5. How It’s Made – It’s like the Mr. Rogers segments, with no host, just a pleasant narrator, although nobody does it better than Mr. McFeely and Fred Rogers. 🙂

  2. Lizabeth Says:

    We watch three shows, but we download them because we don’t have TV service at our house. They are Lost, House, and The Wire. Oh, and the kids have watched most of the Muppet Shows available at the library.

  3. Laura :) Says:

    I don’t watch TV much mainly because I’m overuled anyway!! And that is either by my hubby or kiddos!! Geesh! 😉

    Even so, I’ve managed to force my will upon the TV from time to time and have these favorites:

    1. Deadliest Catch – I’m in awe of people that face extreme cold and possible death to accomplish a goal. So, along with this show goes any type of climbing Everest, exploring the Antarctic, etc. type show.

    2. I Love Lucy – I know within the first minute which episode it is and have seen them all many times. I think this one is like comfort food for me.

    3. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy – This one is a kid’s cartoon that, if you knew me, would be surprised that I like!! 🙂 It is stupid beyond belief but that grim reaper with the jamaican accent, that poor anger-challenged little girl and that complete idiot boy crack me up!! Nuff said.

    4. The Colbert Report – need I say more?? LOVE IT!!!

    5. Scrubs/King of Queens – this is a toss-up. Tammy, like you I enjoy the medical show…except it can’t be real or, also like you, I’ll worry for weeks that I, too, have some disease. So, I keep my medical “drama” to one with crude humor and silliness. King of Queens comes in because my hubby and I like to watch it together and that ol’ marital humor is always a hoot! The dad on that show is our favorite!!

    Wow, I did it!! I really had to think to remember what shows I enjoy since I don’t get to see them too often.

  4. Andrea Says:

    we don’t have cable tv/tv so just dvds.

    faves: 1. The Office 2. House 3. Wonderpets (preschool aged kids!) 4. Entourage (dh) 5. Deadliest Catch


  5. schooldownthelane Says:

    I just got Direct TV last spring so I have a lot of favorite shows (unfortunately). Here are my family’s top five, in no particular order.

    1. Bones-I love, Love, LOVE this show! I actually asked for the first two seasons on DVD for Christmas.

    2. Holmes on Homes-B is obsessed with this show and we all like to watch it. Gotta love that big, bald guy. Make it right Mike!

    3. Mummy Forensics-History, science and mystery; these are a few of our favorite things.

    4. Good Eats-Home Ec the boys will watch. It’s funny and informative! We have several of these recorded on the DVR for reference.

    5. Avatar, the Last Airbender- we love this show and are so happy there are new episodes coming!! I had to put a stop to them watching the same episodes over, and over and over.

    Can I give a few honorable mentions?

    The Tudors
    The Secret Show
    Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

    Ok, I’m done!

  6. SickandTired Says:

    We like Just for Laughs too. I think it helps that they don’t have that ridiculous narration and sound effects that America’s Home Funniest Videos insist on doing

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