Do You Twitter?

Although it sounds like it might be a symptom of a horrible virus, Twitter is a IM-esque social networking protocol.

Are you on Twitter? If so, look me up, and I’ll follow you. I’m going to mess around with it, and see how useful it can be.

If you Twitter, or you don’t Twitter anymore, what is your impression of it? I’m trying to understand this new technology, and how others have used it in a way that it’s not yet another thing to have to pay attention to and waste time.


9 Responses to “Do You Twitter?”

  1. suburbancorrespondent Says:

    I just don’t get what to use it for, even though I am signed up. Why would I let you know I am heading out to the grocery store, or whatever? I’ll tell you all about it in my blog if anything interesting happens.

  2. Summer Says:

    I’ve been using Twitter for a while and I love it. I get to chat with everyone at once all day. 🙂


  3. Heather Young Says:

    I am finding that Twitter is a great way to record all the great stuff my kids are learning from daily life–a perfect reminder of why we are doing what we are doing.

  4. Jay B. Says:

    I’m in love with Twitter. I leave it running on the side of my computer during the day, and it allows me to keep tabs on my friends. I have a continuous stream of data about my friends lives and day-to-day activities, and it helps me stay involved in what they’re doing when we’re too busy to get together in real-life.

    Also, it’s a great way to tell a story. (plug:

  5. Kris Bordessa Says:

    I do not twitter, but I’m on facebook and linkedin, trying to figure out the value of both! Look me up if you’re there.

  6. Kari Says:

    Thanks for letting me in on Twitter, Tammy. I linked it to my Facebook and it will be another way to keep tabs on people and record little blurbs about what’s going on around here. If you know how to have it “running on the side of the computer during the day,” as Jay B. mentioned, I’d love to hear how to do that. I , too, love the archival possibilities–I can have an online journal of life in our household of things I would not remember down the road (or maybe even an hour from now). Since I don’t have a blog or a website, this works well for me, as does Facebook.

  7. julianne Says:

    Kari – there is an app called “twitterific” that let’s you keep it as a sidebar on your computer. I haven’t tried it yet.

  8. Laura :) Says:

    I’ve been hearing of Twitter for a while…..I’m not on and not sure I want to know that much about what others are doing! I barely get my own stuff done let alone keeping up with and updating others…….

    It strikes me as a virtual reality show….is this an accurate assessment?

  9. silvermine Says:

    I didn’t get it at first, but I do use it now. It’s a way to keep up with people you don’t get to be around in a very informal, asynchronous way. It’s like blogging, only much much shorter.

    I can throw out some quick thing I did or I thought about, without worrying if anyone cares, but if someone does, they’ll follow up with an IM or an email or a phone call or whatever. Like I know my brother is sick now, even though he’s 3000 miles away. Would he write an email or a blog post about it? Hardly.

    To me, it feels like being part of someone’s life even if they’re very far away.

    I’ve also seen it used at conferences, seminars, meetings and so forth as a stream-of-consciousness note taking application. Sort of like notes from the hive mind. 🙂

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