Back from the Land of Gluttony

We spent the last week in the Land of Gluttony. Yes, we went to Las Vegas, and spent 5 days going back and forth to our room at the Venetian.

I had intended to get a lot of work done during the week, with leisurely computing by the pool and hours of hotel room bliss while the kids enjoyed the three HD flat screen TVs (one of them was in the bathroom). Instead, I played video games and slept. We also walked around a lot, went to see an awesome magic show at the Greek Isles (kids get in free!), and had lunch with a long lost uncle, and a long lost friend. My mom was also there, keeping us busy with her never ending enthusiasm. What was going to be a week of vegging while hubby was at NAB, turned out to be a real vacation. Go figure!

It was a fun trip. It’s also good to be home, now. As much as I like traveling and seeing the world, I miss our simple, stress-free, and comfortable home when we’re away.


One Response to “Back from the Land of Gluttony”

  1. momlovesbeingathome Says:

    It always turns out that way doesn’t it. We want to go on vacations and see things but it’s always so nice to get home. 😉 Sounds like a great trip! Glad you had a good time. 🙂

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