Friday Five – Things We Love About Our Kids

For today’s Friday Five, let’s list 5 things that we love about our kids.

1) They are so, incredibly, enthusiastic. Whether they are building, talking, asking questions, traveling, reading, playing games, riding their bikes, fighting, crying, singing or giving me a hug, they do it with gusto. They are a great example of what it means to live every moment to the fullest.

2) They say the cutest and most admirable things. There are often times when the kids will notice something, look at me a certain way or do something that strikes me as amazing, and I think, “OMG, my kids are so great! I love my kids!”

3) They love to read. We all love to read. They have stacks of books in their beds. We hang out in bookstores and the library for fun. We read each other’s books. I just love that about them.

4) They deeply love and care for other people. And each other. Even though they fight, they also protect each other openly and passionately. They give each other hugs, say they are “sorry” (and mean it), and help each other with things purely because they want to.

5) They put up with me. I drag them around, I ask a lot of them, and I do get crazy at times with my cleaning, writing, errand running, and talking to other moms. They put up with all of my imperfections and still love me, by golly.

What are 5 things you love about your kids?


3 Responses to “Friday Five – Things We Love About Our Kids”

  1. Laura :) Says:

    1. They are so real! Sure, they watch TV and hang with imperfect people…like me!…yet they are so not affected by what other people think.

    2. They are so cute! I absolutely love watching them grow up everyday!

    3. They are a team. We have 2 kiddos, 13yog and 9yob and while they do fight from time to time it is more usual for them to be sitting in the same arm chair reading a book or watching TV! When doing a project together their give and take is very respectful and cooperative. Love it!

    4. They are understanding and thoughtful. We own our own business so money can be bountiful or scarce. What may have seemed inexpensive one month can be way too expensive another. Yet, when we have to tell them that we can’t afford something they don’t whine or complain. My son will often offer his money! 🙂

    5. They are mine. I can’t imagine life without knowing these amazing, wonderful, creative, thoughtful, funny, articulate people!

    Thank you for letting us share, Tammy!

  2. Tammy Says:

    I love your kids, Laura! 🙂

    After I wrote my list, I went and gave my kids a big hug. Did making the list make you feel good too?

  3. Laura :) Says:

    Awww!! I think your kiddos are pretty cool, too! 🙂

    Making that list sure did make me feel good! Just thinking about now it makes me smile!!

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