Friday Five – Places to Visit

833696_five.jpgWhat are your top five places to go as a homeschooling family?

This is our list!

1. Disneyland. Ok, this is corny, but we love Disneyland (and California Adventure). It’s free for us, since hubby works for the D. There is a lot to learn there too, and it’s got a ton of socialization opportunities (as well as opportunities to learn to stand in line).

2. Jumpin’ Jammin’. It’s an indoor playground, and oh so much more. We don’t go very often since it’s a bit expensive. But it’s one of our favorite local joints.

3. Around our block. We love taking walks. We like to go around the block, because it’s just long enough to get a good walk (and a good talk), but not so long that the kids are whining about it being too far. We also like to walk up to the bike path sometimes. It’s about a mile away.

4. Colorado. My dad lives in Colorado with his wife and three small children (those would be my 1/2 brothers and sister). We love to spend time with them. The kids also love playing in the snow. One of my favorite parts is the drive. It takes two days to get there. I love the view, and driving.

5. Barnes and Noble/Borders/Library. Anywhere with books, we love to hang out. Watch out if we have a gift card in our pocket!

Your turn! What are five of your favorite places?


9 Responses to “Friday Five – Places to Visit”

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  2. schooldownthelane Says:

    What a good idea! I just did mine if you want to check them out!

  3. Kris Bordessa Says:

    1. Ditto on Borders/Library. We are at one or both of those places at least 4 times a week.

    2. The beach. If the kids aren’t getting their physical education by body/skim boarding, they’re watching the environment.

    3. Our dinner table, the home of many wonderful and insightful conversations.

    4. Pahala, where my kids have attended a music and Hawaiian lifestyles camp numerous times and learned about music, history, culture, respect, language, chant, trust, kuleana, and cooking.

    5. Coloma, CA. It’s been awhile since we’ve been there but it’s a favorite spot with the American River, the park, rafting, and the history of the discovery of gold.

  4. Crystal Says:

    “State Parks with agates
    and friends who have houses
    zoos and aquariums
    and theme parks with mouses
    annual passes and spontaneous flings
    these are a few of my favorite things”

    I haven’t finished my morning caffeine yet and I’m still a little silly/sleepy but I wanted to play too and this is my list of five favorite places to go as a homeschooling family.

    Disneyland- We have annual passes and I love to meet up with friends and family there because there is something for any age and any taste. I also really like just going there as a family and going at our own pace and enjoying the architectural details and the feral cats and people watching. Who can resist the happiest place on earth? Of course I don’t go on Saturdays or in the summer or any other time when the crowds are high. Crowds are yucky.

    The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens- The zoo offers a nice mix of quiet, serious observation and run wild on the playground opportunities. Last time we went we saw an amazing array of animal parenting- a breastfeeding gorilla, a playful mother tiger and cub and sibling rivalry with a protective gibbon mom. A lot of the exhibits are animals napping and my family jokes about the carnivorous squirrels that have obviously eaten whatever animal the sign says used to be there, but the moments we catch make it worth the whole day.

    The Aquarium of the Pacific- It’s a lot like the zoo, with the serious observation and the raucous playground opportunity; which is an important balance with young children. It offers better climate control since it’s mostly indoors and shaded (not to mention the generally mild beach climate) and we always combine it with a walk out to the lighthouse and watching the boats and stuff like that.

    Visiting- We don’t have annual passes to the homes of friends and family but we still get very excited about visiting. Once a month we trek out to see my mom in the San Fernando Valley and we eat and play games and socialize. About twice a month we visit another homeschooling family in our area and we eat and the children run around together and we socialize. There are other people we visit less often, but it still goes a lot like that.

    Patrick’s Point State Park- My husband and I both grew up in, and currently reside in, southern California. But one of those unexpected common interests we had when we hooked up together was a love of this northern California camping destination. He’d spent a lot of time with his cousins in McKinleyville and I’d spent a lot of time with my cousins in Chico and we both had fond memories of hunting agates on the beach at Patrick’s Point. So we went there with our families before we’d met and we went there together as a young couple and we’ve been there as a family now too. It’s not our most frequent destination, but possibly our most sentimental.

  5. Dawn Says:

    It’s free for you to go to Disneyland because your husband works there?

    Could you divorce him for a couple of weeks next March? Or just let me borrow him at least? 😀

  6. Deidre' Says:

    1. The library/Barnes and Noble are also very high on our list of fav hangouts! We visit them weekly.
    2. Downtown- we love to hit the museums and quaint shops, ride the trolley and visit the River Market. In the spring and summer we love the Farmers Market on the river front.
    3. To the mountains! We live in Arkansas and only get to see small hills here. But we love to vacation in the mountains.
    4. The ocean! (See #3) We are landlocked but can’t be away from the ocean for to long without going nuts!
    5. Home! Just spending a quiet, (well as quiet as it can be with a 2 1/2 year old, a 12 year old and an 18 year old in the house), hanging out in our p.j.’s, laughing together, reading, doing our thing.

  7. Tammy Says:

    Kari emailed me, and with permission, I am posting her 5 things here:

    Hello! Here are five of my family’s favorite places:

    1. The Park–we love to play at parks and we have three or four different park days every week with various groups we belong to (LLL, homeschool, etc) that we try to hit at least semi-regularly. Any park will do, especially the ones with swings (and nearby bathrooms)!

    2. The Dog Park–we absolutely love to let our dog Gus off-leash at the dog park and watch him run and play and sniff and lift his leg and make friends with the other dogs. Meanwhile the human members of our family really enjoy trying to guess the ancestries of all the other dogs. We discuss all the different breeds of dogs we’d like to have someday and pet the friendly ones. We observe canine behavior. We talk with other dog people–our seven-year-old especially loves to start conversations with just about every person in the park and she makes it a point to meet all the dogs. It’s a great social time for us all!

    3. Our warm and cozy family bed–the best place for tickle fests, reading aloud together, discussing last night’s dreams, reviewing the waning day’s activities or plans for the coming day, working through homework problems, and of course snuggling. Mostly our kids are old enough now that they are sleeping in their own beds, but we still gather in our (Mom and Dad’s) bed for many reasons.

    4. Any-place-with-books–the most frequent bookplaces we visit are Barnes & Noble and the library. Our 16-year-old works at B&N and we like her employee discount!

    5. Though we’re supposed to list only FIVE favorite places, we’ll have to make this a tie (is that cheating? 🙂 ) between: the Channel Island National Park Visitors’ Center (great pygmy mammoth fossil skeleton display), the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (love the planetarium show), AND the Santa Barbara Zoo (we miss the crooked-neck giraffe)–all very family friendly and easy to “do” in two or three low-key hours.

    Those are five of our favorite places to spend our time as homeschoolers.

  8. Tammy Says:

    Thanks for your lists everyone. I’ve had a great time reading them all.

    If you haven’t posted your list yet, please share! It’s inspiring to read about other people’s favorite places.

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