New Homeschooling Carnival – Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers

The Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers launched its second edition today. This carnival specifically showcases “cool” homeschool projects, adventures and events.

Find out how one family made their own maple syrup, one family’s adventures with mold gardens, and how one family teaches art through games. It’s quite a grab-bag of stuff.



2 Responses to “New Homeschooling Carnival – Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers”

  1. suburbancorrespondent Says:

    Aaack – I may have to rename that “The Guilt-Inducing Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers” around here. We haven’t tapped any maple syrup lately, unless you count uncorking the jug that is in the fridge.

    And “adventures with mold gardens”? Is that just a euphemism for clearing the leftovers out of the icebox?

  2. Tammy Says:

    hehehe, I haven’t clicked on the mold experiment. I was afraid I’d be grossed out. Did you?

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