CNN Headline News Homeschooing Interview

My interview with CNN Headline News aired today. Overall, I’m happy with my bit. I hope you enjoy it too!

So, you see how we’re all sitting on the couch together doing school work in that one shot? We sat on the couch for what seemed like 20 minutes getting footage of us working together like that. I told my friend, Elizabeth, that we did more schoolwork during that shoot than we’ve done in the entire month!

It was a very interesting experience. I asked the kids what they thought, and they said it was OK. They weren’t all that moved by having the cameras here. It was like, “Oh, another day of who-knows-what-will-happen in the Takahashi house.”

After it was all done, I asked my son how the interview went. He said, “It was great. You looked like you were on Oprah!” (I think I’ve watched Oprah twice in the past year. It’s amazing which memories stick in their craniums.)

I also asked him what he thinks about having more interviews, or being on one of those shows like John and Kate Plus Eight. He said, “No thanks.” I would have to agree with him. I wasn’t nervous about the cameras, but it is hard to have two extra (or more) people in the house who aren’t part of the family, especially if one has a big-ole camera in your face the whole time. (I suddenly have a lot of sympathy for kids who have video camera obsessed parents.)

Overall, it was a good experience. I highly recommend it. Not only did we get to have this experience, but we got to talk to the camera man and the reporter, asking questions about their job, what it takes to be a reporter, and what their perspective is on life. It’s not every day that we have access to people who are on the front line of the media, and have the opportunity to find out what it’s really like to have their job.


16 Responses to “CNN Headline News Homeschooing Interview”

  1. Sheri Says:

    That was in so many ways really cool for me.

    Especially because I’m so detached from the main issue, being Canadian the whole “homeschooling now illegal in California” thing has been more of an abstract learning experience than an emotional adventure.

    But seriously, hearing your voice Tammy, that was so cool…

    After having been encouraged, motiviated and insipired by you and your blogs for more than a year, it was just really neat to actually see and hear you speak…albeit brief as it was.

    Way to go.

  2. celticmuse Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    it was great. Did I see an Imac in the background? 😉 I have one that is why I noticed.

  3. Anna Says:

    Fun for you!! I cannot get the freakin’ video to load on my PC, which is a frequent problem with the my PC and CNN. They are not in love. Going to one of the other million in the house to watch.

  4. Maria Says:

    Was great to see/hear you! I thought the CNN coverage was fairly decent on the subject. They didn’t seem to have a bias toward either side. I thought the description of “this is the 9/11 for homeschoolers” a bit hysterical, but otherwise very cool. I especially liked the stool softener ad that came on right before you were pictured!! 😉 Let’s just say I was ‘moved’.

  5. Kris Bordessa Says:

    What a neat experience for your kids. I think you did beautifully, and all in all, the coverage was pretty balanced. Thanks for stepping up and being available to talk reasonably to these reporters!

  6. suburbancorrespondent Says:

    Good interview – but didn’t CNN overstate the severity of the case? Wasn’t the judge inaccurate in saying the parents must be certified to teach? Wouldn’t that sort of a ruling adversely affect all private schools in CA?

  7. Melissa Says:

    Way to go, Tammy! You looked fabulous! The kids looked wonderful, too. How cool that you could “interview” some of the employed “in real life” while you were doing “schooling”.

    GAH! This subject is taking up WAY TOO MUCH of our precious lives. Time to get back to business as usual. ~Melissa

  8. Summer Says:

    Now you’ll really be famous. 🙂 It was a great interview, you all looked so organized and with it. 🙂

  9. sunniemom Says:

    Them is some cute ‘lil crumbcrunchers you got there! Good interview.

    And ditto on that whole “This is the 9/11 for homeschoolers”- uh, excuse me, but 3,000 homeschoolers weren’t massacred on Feb. 28, just pissed off. 😉

  10. Dawn Says:

    Great job! I love that you guys were out on the couch and at the coffee table having fun. 😀

  11. Mom Is Teaching » Blog Archive » Homeschoolers In The News Says:

    […] In The News by Summer Minor In case you missed it Tammy of Just Enough, and Nothing More got her 15 minutes of fame on CNN. Not that she isn’t already about to become (even more) famous with her book Deschooling […]

  12. Don Haggar Says:

    Tammy: Nicely done! You did a great job modelling homeschooling the way I like to call “the right way”!

  13. tobeme Says:

    Great job at creating awareness for Home Schooling. I enjoyed your childrens post interview reactions, anit climatic as it was. I think this says a boat load about what you are doing. Keep it up!

  14. Tammy Says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments! I appreciate all of your support.

    Sheri – Thanks! I still trip out when I hear my own voice. So, the experience was as “new” to me as it was you! 🙂 One day, it’ll be the flip side, and I’ll get to see you on TV. BTW, one of the questions last night during our info night was, “Tammy, what would you do if it really did become an anti-homeschool state?” I said, “I’d move to Canada.” Canada, to me, seems like the calmest, most accepting country. I’m so glad to have a Canadian representative reading my blog. Thank you.

    celticmuse – yup! That’s the kids’ computer. The reporter specifically put me in front of it to do the interview. It has been a great machine. It’s been chugging away for years without a problem. It’s a bit slow now, compared to my new computer, but it runs the kids’ stuff just fine.

    Anna – Were you able to finally get it to work? Many people have told me that they couldn’t get it to work either. I guess it’s some software thing.

    Maria – I didn’t notice the commercial. Funny! I really, really tried to get the reporter to talk to a different lawyer, but he wouldn’t listen to me. Ah well, the “9/11 of homeschooling” is a “great” quote for entertainment value. And it doesn’t surprise me that Sunland’s lawyer said that.

    Thanks Kris – I was nervous as all heck when I was first asked to do the profile. But once I wrapped my head around the fact that we were going to do it, I wasn’t nervous anymore. I also asked the guys a lot of questions about them, and their jobs, which made the experience actually a lot of fun.

    suburban – Ya, they did overstate the severity. Some people would really like this to be taken as the end of the world, so that they personally can benefit. Sad, really.

    Melissa – I agree. However, now, just as the news is dying down a bit, this is where the real work needs to be done: letter writing, phone calls, visits. In a way, it’s ironic, since the energy has died down a bit. But it’s also good, because when we write, call and visit, we will be calm, and not in hysterics. Are you going to go visit your assemblyman, BTW?

    Summer – Thanks! It’s amazing how staged it all was. Of course I looked organized. Being organized is easier to film and goes along with the kind of “good homeschooling” they wanted to show.

    sunniemom – Totally hit the nail. This is not the 9/11 of homeschooling. This is, uhm… the… Terry Shiavo of homeschooling. One person, one “authoritative” ruling, lots of irate people on both sides, will eventually blow over, although, there will be trickle down effects here and there.

    Dawn – I think it helped that we were really having fun, not acting. Although, I’m not used to multitasking quite that much.

    Don – hehe thanks.

    tobeme – Thanks. I think it does too, but then I’m biased 🙂

  15. Steph Says:

    You cracked me up when you told us about spending 20 minutes on the couch getting those shots — the most academics you’ve done all month. *LOL* I enjoyed the clip. You all looked great!

  16. Tammy Says:

    Thanks Steph. 🙂 I was laughing inside. I even made a joke to the camera man about it a few times. He laughed too.

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