HSC’s Debbie Schwarzer’s Statement on Joel Anderson’s Resolution ACR 115

Forwarded with permission from the HSC e-list:

Assemblymember Joel Anderson, a conservative Republican whose children are taught at home, has introduced a concurrent resolution in the California Assembly. If it passes, it will go to the state Senate for their vote.

The resolution basically states as follows: that homeschooled children perform well at college and in life, that there is a rich history of homeschooling, that an estimated 200,000 children in California and 2,000,000 children in the U.S. are taught at home, that the U.S. Constitution recognizes the fundamental right of parents to have their children educated outside of state schools, that the appellate decision is misguided, and that the Supreme Court should reverse the decision.

The call for the Supreme Court to reverse is in the second to last paragraph of the version I have seen. Obviously, this goes against what I have been asking people to do the last week (leave the Supreme Court alone lest we make them mad). However, I believe this resolution is intended to serve much the same function as the HSLDA petition, which is to give a group (here the legislature) the opportunity to do something concrete before the Court completes its review. I believe many in the legislature understand that it is premature to try to introduce legislation until that review is complete and we know what the Court believes the law in California should be based on the statutes we currently have in place.

I encourage members of HSC and all other homeschoolers in the state to contact their representatives (currently, just the Assemblymembers, as it is not pending before the Senate and will just confuse your Senator’s office if you call now) and encourage them to vote in favor of ACR 115. You can find your Assemblymember and his or her contact information by going here, clicking on the blue box entitled “Your Legislature”, and entering your zip code.

Calls are fine, but letters faxed to the office are even better, as they then retain tangible evidence of their constituents’ positions. Emails are often ignored, so please call or fax if possible. It is best to give your name, the city and/or Assembly District you live in and the name of the resolution (ACR 115), to state that you educate your children at home (or support those who do) and wish the right of California families to continue to have that option with minimal government intervention, and to state your desire that Assemblymember ______ vote in favor of ACR 115 by Joel Anderson.

If you have any interesting discussions with staff about this resolution, either a strong indication of probable support or opposition, or any other feedback the legal and legislative folks should know about, please tell me about it.


Debbie Schwarzer
Co-chair Legal Team and Legislative Chair for HSC


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