Assemblyman Joel Anderson Introduces Resolution in CA to Reverse Homeschool Ruling (ACR 115)

923068_man_calling_outside_1.jpgCHN has urged us to spread the word about a new resolution, ACR 115, that has been announced by Assemblyman Joel Anderson. If you call, please be calm, straightforward and simple with your support of this resolution. Here is an example:

I am a homeschooler in CA, and I urge you to please vote “yes” on Assemblyman Joel Anderson’s resolution supporting homeschooling in California.

You can find your representative’s contact information here.

From the CHN e-list:

California Assemblyman Joel Anderson is introducing a concurrent resolution in the Assembly. He is calling on the California Supreme Court to reverse the recent court decision that could make homeschooling illegal.

This will happen fast, since it’s a resolution and not a bill. All California homeschoolers are encouraged to contact their legislators and ask them to support homeschoolers by voting yes on Joel Anderson’s ACR supporting homeschooling. We expect there will be a powerful response as California homeschoolers respond.

Here’s a quote from the press release on Anderson’s website:

“The misguided action of the Second Appellate Court denies California parents’ primary responsibility for their own children’s education and violates their special role in raising their children,” said Anderson. “We do not need new legislation to resolve this, but simply for the Supreme Court to allow home schooling to continue as it has,” said Anderson.

As far as I know, there is still an ongoing effort to depublish the appellate court’s opinion. I’ll post more information about this as it happens.


2 Responses to “Assemblyman Joel Anderson Introduces Resolution in CA to Reverse Homeschool Ruling (ACR 115)”

  1. Kathleen Piercy Says:

    Please keep homeschooling in CA.

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