Something More Interesting Than CA Homeschool Legalities

839268_dolphin.jpgI’m starting to get a bit bored about reading the same stuff over and over again about the sky falling in California, so, let’s talk about something else – dolphins.

Ok, so dolphins may not seem so exciting to the untrained eye. But today, we were snubbed by one! We were petting the dolphins at Sea World at feeding time, and we didn’t have any food. The dolphin let us pet it for a bit, then when it realized we weren’t going to feed it, it turned around and splashed us with its tail!

Another more interesting thing than CA laws are pillows.

Four pillows to be precise – all left behind at the hotel we stayed at this week, and they just can’t seem to find them for us.

Dolphins and pillows – to us, these two things are far more interesting and worthy of our attention than what everyone thinks of homeschooling laws in CA.


3 Responses to “Something More Interesting Than CA Homeschool Legalities”

  1. Maria Says:

    Well thank YOU for saying that out loud. And while I don ‘t live anywhere near CA and one could say that since the issue doesn’t affect me I am “so over it”, I’m STILL a wee, bit, just a tad TIRED of the whole DRAMA over the whole thing, which as you pointed out ITS NOT ILLEGAL TO HOMESCHOOL IN CA PEOPLE!!!

    Phew. Pillows are more important. And from where I stand, spring is more important. And getting a child over a sore throat. These are the REAL issues Homeschool Moms. Go back to your regularly scheduled stations!!

    Well, thanks for letting me rant on YOUR blog. 🙂

  2. Kris Bordessa Says:

    Thanks for keeping it rational. I’ve been getting emails from concerned people about this. Not sure if they’re afraid that I’m breaking the law, or using it as a subversive suggestion that I should stop this insanity we call homeschooling, though. 😉

  3. Sandra Foyt Says:

    Oh, chicken feathers!

    That’s it. That’s all I have to say about the current “crisis”, I’m saving my hyperbole for the next one. It should be here in just under 15 minutes.

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