Homeschool News Roundup – Feb. 20

953849_news_2.jpgThese are the stories and comments that were published today and yesterday about homeschooling:

There’s No Place Like Homeschooling – This article comes out of Missouri. It’s a general information piece that attempts to be neutral, relying heavily on quotes. As newspaper articles go, it’s not bad. It has the requisite public school official’s opinion at the end, and an overview of the Missouri laws. I’m not sure if the article is accurate about the laws though. Anyone from Missouri want to comment?

Homeschooling Hurdles – This is a short, but interesting, piece on the difficulties that some homeschoolers have been having in Connecticut. Even though the piece is supposed to be about how public schools are not complying with educational codes (or, perhaps it’s a law, the article doesn’t say), the reporter can’t help but try to “explain” why people choose to homeschool. At least this wasn’t a piece simply to gawk at homeschoolers and how strange they are, but a piece in response to a group that gathered at the capital.

Homeschool students ease into life at the U of C – It has been discovered, much to the world’s amazement, that homeschooled kids do OK at the University of Chicago. Ok, all kidding aside, this is an article about various homeschool kids’ impressions of their experiences in college. The overall gist of the article is that homeschooled kids do just fine in college – as long as they’ve had the same kind of education as public school kids. There are some references to how learning differently was an advantage, but mostly they are referred to as disadvantages. One good part about this article – it takes a look at several of the stereotypes that homeschooled kids face.

More black families opting for homeschooling – I’m not sure of how many black families live in Ohio, but this article shows that at least one black family has decided to homeschool their children. The reason’s this family decided to homeschool is the main focus of the article (as homeschooling articles almost always are), and the fact that one homeschool activist has seen an increase in the number of black families in her area is mentioned one time, in passing. Ok, journalistic nitpicking aside, this article brings up a very important point – social pressure to go to school doesn’t always come from a place of trying to control, but a place of trying to promote freedom. Black history is complicated and intimately tied in with the American educational system. I can see how it would be a particularly hard social decision for black families to homeschool.

Does the Bible Mandate Homeschooling? – For those of you who are Christian, and are interested in what the bible says (and how people interpret what the bible says), about whether or not Christians should homeschool, check out this blog post. It is long, but worth the read. And the discussion afterwards has 137 comments.

Changes in Homeschooling Laws in Virginia – There have been some changes in Virginia’s homeschooling record keeping laws (at least, that’s what I’m gathering from this post). If you are in VA, get in touch with your state organization to get the details.

A new Christian Unschooler shares her thoughts – It always thrills me to see the marriage of Christianity and unschooling (or some form of relaxed homeschooling). It helps defeat certain stereotypes when we have a larger diversity in the homeschooling community.

Unschooling Voices #13 call-out – Joanne is looking for more submissions to her unschooling voices blog carnival. Her question is: What do you do, as an unschooling parent, when your child expresses an interest in a particular topic, and you don’t know how to help them in a way that doesn’t involve lesson plans and curriculum? (You can find the link to the current unschooling voices over there on the right.)

That’s it for today! Happy homeschooling.


2 Responses to “Homeschool News Roundup – Feb. 20”

  1. Dana Says:

    You and I must have the same sources for news. : ) But you missed the absolute best thing I have yet read on the internet about homeschooling (please note the sarcasm). I think Alasandra has the most thorough rebuttal:

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