Work Ethic, the Stock Market, and Deschooling

Three of my favorite posts from this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling:

Karen at Leaping Out of the Box ponders on the value of working in a family business as an important part of a child’s growing work ethic. What do you think? How important is it for children to be involved in their parents’ work?

It takes skill to tie together the stock market, big foot and homeschooling into one post. Lori skillfully explains the value of the “long view” in homeschooling. How do we know it works? How do we know our investments are well-placed? Hard to prove that something will work when we don’t know the future.

Joanne talks about deschooling. How can I not love a post about deschooling? She makes the observation that parents need to deschool more than kids do – we were in school longer. Her post talks about her deschooling journey and how she has changed because of it.



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