Barnes and Noble Teacher Discount Week – 25% off nearly everything!

Today starts the Barnes and Noble Teacher Appreciation week. If you are a homeschooler, you can get a teacher discount card. Normally, that card gives you a 20% discount on classroom materials. During this week, you get 25% off pretty much anything (some exclusions).

Happy shopping!

7 Responses to “Barnes and Noble Teacher Discount Week – 25% off nearly everything!”

  1. Anna Says:

    I wish I could explain what a pain B&N has been to me without the strong desire to swear. FIRST, to get my card, the woman asked for a curriculum. Tried explaining unschooling.

    SECOND, they quizzed me over my purchases. While I could argue that anything I read or learn enhances learning for the family, they wanted to know how some of the children’s books were being used in a lesson. What? Like reading is not enough? It has to apply to something. My standard answer became ‘character development in storytelling’ or ‘themes and comprehension’.

    I have not had trouble the last two or three times, but I was shocked to be quizzed so thoroughly. Are people really trying to scam B&N by posing as homeschoolers? Sheesh.

  2. Tammy Says:


    Sorry you’ve had trouble at B&N. Unfortunately, most of the people who work there went to public school. They don’t know any other way.

  3. Africa Says:

    I’ve had similar BAD experiences, but not at Barnes and Noble (thus far). Mine came at the LIBRARY of all places. I have an educators card and the Library Assistant didn’t want to allow me to check out DVD copies of the TV series, Alias. I had to explain to her that learning is everywhere and in everything. I also explained that when I was a public school teacher I often saw teachers run feature films for their classrooms. I then challenged her to rethink HER limited definition of “school” or “education” by posing some questions to her.

    Finally, because she kept pressing I said, “look! My daughter just met a screenwriter here in this library last week. She wants to be a screenwriter. His advice to her was ‘watch as much TV as possible’. Surely he knows more about what it takes to learn the nuances of plot development, character development, etc than you or I, right?” She finally just checked the stuff out, but I was happy to be able to “school” her!:>

    She doesn’t bother us anymore (plus we’re friends with the branch manager), but she also doesn’t wait on us either!

  4. Misty Says:

    To Tammy and Africa:
    I wish to answer to both of your replies. I worked for B&N for over 5 years, now I am teaching myself. It was the best opportunity of my life, and I want you to know that YES! People are scamming the bookstore by using their “teacher discount” cards. It has nothing to do with public school education as it does with the home office requesting we be a little more descriminatory toward the products people are buying and using their discount to purchase. Several people would come in on a regular basis to buy books for their lessons, but also included in that same purchase were several romance and science fiction novels. I don’t care how you argue it, as an English teacher I am telling you that those are NOT teaching materials! Several people complained when I explained to them that these items must be purchased on a separate ticket.

    So, there is my lesson for the day. Do not put people down for doing their job. Realize that people who work in these stores DO deal with hundreds of people just like you everday, sometimes in rapid succession. It is not anything against you, they are simply trying to protect their merchandise (as well as paychecks) by being a little more cautious. What harm can come from answering a few unthreatening questions as long as you answer truthfully, honestly, and without contention? Surely, in such a case, you will ultimately prevail.

  5. Jesse Says:

    My question would be, are private & pubic schoolteachers questioned in the same way? My guess would be that they are not, but I may be wrong. And as for… “I don’t care how you argue it, as an English teacher I am telling you that those are NOT teaching materials!” Wow! What an arrogant statement. Maybe someone should tell Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and C.S. Lewis?

  6. BJK Says:

    Do you know when the next Teacher day is going to be? I have not heard anything about yet.

    I have never been questioned. There has been times that I will tell them that a book is for me and not my kids. The lady would just ring them up on one ticket. But there are not as many homeschoolers here inthis area. So she may have just not had cared so much.

  7. aculady Says:


    We use science fiction novels in our home education program all the time. We actually spent one entire semester where we used almost nothing but classic science fiction books and movies, looking at the history that was happening when they were written, comparing and contrasting the books with the films (and, in the case of The War of the Worlds, the album), not only investigating a number of themes (What does it mean to be human? Who qualifies? What happens when people have power that outstrips their wisdom? ) but also the various media – what sort of scenes translated well to audio or visual, and which ones did not? Why? What sort of information is conveyed most powerfully by TV and film, and which by reading? What are the implications for a society that is increasingly dominated by audio-visual media?

    Just because the books aren’t “Great Books” doesn’t mean that great teaching isn’t happening using them. It is a fair bet that home educators aren’t going to be doing the same things that happen in school – if we were, guess where our kids would be?

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