How Many Classes Is Enough for One Kid?

Next week, the M-F class schedule starts up again. This means, this Mom puts on her taxi driver hat.

We have cooking, science, crafts, pottery and games. Since our schedule is so busy, we’ve dropped gymnastics so we can have Wednesdays off to do field trips or do errands. Gymnastics was also our most expensive class, and we can certainly use a financial break.

But I struggled with the decision. First of all, this was the kids’ only class with physical activity. Which means I’ll have to make a special effort to get the kids out to play—especially my 9 year old who needs bigger and bigger spaces to get out his wiggles. Secondly, the gymnastics class is for homeschoolers. Not going to this class means I’m not supporting the small homeschooling class at this studio, and I’ll have to work a little harder to get the kids together with those homeschooling friends.

There are so many variables to balance, these kinds of decisions are not easy. At least not for me. I tend to think about every possible result of every possible choice, throwing myself into a perpetual state of the grass is greener.

Fortunately, life took over and made the decision for me—I was late to pay for gymnastics. Instead of paying the late fee, I decided to take some time away from the class.

I guess deep down, I knew exactly which choice I wanted to make. I chose a day of nothing to balance all the days of busy during the rest of the week, albeit unconsciously.

How many classes is enough for one kid? Right now, the answer is “3”. And that’s the answer that’s going to have to do for the time being, because we can’t afford the money or the time to do any more. Besides, there are too many other things to do in the world to spend our time in classes all day everyday.


2 Responses to “How Many Classes Is Enough for One Kid?”

  1. Kris Bordessa Says:

    I think the bigger question is “how many is too many for MOM?” Seriously. It’s so hard to turn down learning opportunities – it’s all good! But in order to keep my sanity – a very important piece of the homeschooling puzzle, I find – I need 2 days at HOME during the week. Period. It took me a number of years to figure this out, but now that I have I’m a stickler for it. Sounds like you have a fun year ahead, though! I do wish we had access to more classes (but not on those two days!).

  2. Sheri Says:

    I would look at it as the Universe supporting you in the decision you were struggling with.

    For us, 3 classes is the limit. Not purely for financial reasons but it is definitely a factor, but as you said…”there are too many other things to do in the world…”

    For me, the best moments are the ones where I can do “nothing” and just sit quietly in a chair soaking it all in.

    The smell of Hubby baking bread in the turned upside down kitchen, the sight of Emma’s long dark hair hanging around her face as she intently draws another frame for her comic book and the horrific sounds of Andrew bang…err playing his guitar in the basement.

    Granted, my kids are 12 and 19 and don’t require nearly as much “handling”…which means I have more time for such luxuries.

    Still, no matter how old your kids are, it’s important that doing be balanced with plenty of just being.

    Happy New Year Tammy!

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