More Metafilter Homeschooling Goodness

Hubby sent me a few more links from Metafilter. I kept waiting for the something to explode. Instead, I was met with insightful answers, supportive commentary and critical questions.

These are from last year. A question about an ex-wife situation (which so could have easily become nasty) and one about how to choose a non-religious curriculum (could have become an anti-religious homeschooler rant).

What is different when people ask questions about homeschooling at Metafilter? Why is the discussion here more civil than on most public forums?

I’ve shied away from places where random people ask random question to the universe, because the answers range from the helpful to the insane, and everything in between. This is so different.

Do you read Metafilter? Are these homeschooling answers indicative of the general feel of the community?

Update:  My curiosityoverwhelmed me, so I took a peek at Metafilter. When I went to sign up and this is what it said:


One of the guiding principles here is trust in each other. The index page of can be added to by almost everybody that has signed up, as there is very little editing or deleting going on. Anyone can post a comment in a thread, and say whatever they feel.

I give you the ability to do this because I trust you. I trust that you’ll act in a civilized manner, that you’ll treat others with opposing viewpoints with absolute respect, that you’ll contribute in a positive way to the intelligent discussions that take place here everyday.

I give you the benefit of the doubt, because I trust you, so all that I ask is for you to honor that trust and promise to become a good contributor.”

There’s more great stuff there. If you sign up, it takes you to the page with all the details on what’s expected.

It also requires a $5 sign up fee to be able to post.


One Response to “More Metafilter Homeschooling Goodness”

  1. Summer Says:

    Wow! I love the whole trust principle that is used there. 🙂

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