Homeschooling on Metafilter Garners Positive Response

My husband reads Metafilter like my dad used to read the paper. Today, my husband forwarded this link to me.

I am unmeasurably impressed by the discourse that followed after the initial question: Should my friend, who was homeschooled in a fundamentally Christian home, mention his GED on his college application? And how can he get a job?

This conversation could have gone in so many directions. The fine folks at Metafilter, chose to post clear, helpful and supportive responses.

Kudos to the responders at Metafilter!


4 Responses to “Homeschooling on Metafilter Garners Positive Response”

  1. sunniemom Says:

    Those were some really great answers. I am going to have to check out Metafilter more often!

    It reminds me, though, that parents need to take into account what their children might choose to do. When my ds started thinking about the military at 14 yo, I started investigating what I would need to do to make sure he could get in if he wanted. Because I did that (yes- I AM patting myself on the back) he got in like Flynn, while I saw others flounder for months trying to get their boy in.

  2. Tammy Says:

    sunniemom – I was thinking the same thing. Whether a parent is homeschooling or sending their children to school, it’s important to look ahead at what kids really needs to succeed. The kid in this question wasn’t at a disadvantage because he was homeschooled. He was unprepared because he waited until after he was an adult to thinking about what he was going to do when he grew up.

    That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing to do that. Some people aren’t ready to look ahead like that until they are adults. But just to realize that if we wait until adulthood to deal with college or career planning, it might take a year or two to ramp up for it. It won’t happen overnight in most cases.

  3. Sheri Says:

    That was a very interesting read. (Helpful for me too because my son is in a simliar position regarding his resume.)

    I agree that it’s nice to read an entire thread of comments and be impressed by the respectfulness from ALL participants.

    Thanks for sharing that Tammy.

  4. Tammy Says:

    Sheri – I’m finding it’s across the board. Politics, religion, adult topics, all of it, is respectful discourse. I’ve added it to my daily reading list.

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