Three Tenets to Homeschool By

1. Everyone is a genius in their own right. Great mathematicians and artists are not the only gifted ones. There are those who are gifted in communication, in motivating others, in dealing with stress, in explaining things, in remembering details, in managing people and projects, in being organized, in seeing the true nature of people… There are so many ways to be gifted, and most of them are overlooked because they can’t be measured.

2. It’s far easier to fill an adult’s academic and knowledge holes than it is to fill a spiritual or emotional one. A child’s enthusiasm for life, emotional life experiences and how he is supported is far more important and influential than the facts he learns along the way. A child who has a positive attitude towards himself and the world around him will grow up to do great things, no matter how much he is capable of academically.

3. Education is a family adventure. Learning and growing is not just for kids. Parents who pursue their own learning and growth foster a love of true education in their children. When mom and dad are learning just as much as the kids are, and show a genuine interest in the world around them, it’s contagious. A parent who is curious about her world on many different levels, and shares that with her child, makes her job as a homeschooling parent much easier.

What are your 3 homeschool tenets? If you blog your answers, link to your blog in the comments.


5 Responses to “Three Tenets to Homeschool By”

  1. Beth Says:

    wow…I absolutely LOVE number 2 and had never really thought of that.

  2. Colleen Says:

    Number 2 is my 1, 2, and 3!!! I love it. Well said.

  3. Sheri Says:

    I concur with the others about Number 2. Awesome.

    When’s the last time you heard of someone spending years (and a lot of money) in therapy because they don’t know their 9’s timestables or don’t know how to conjugate a verb in French?

  4. Emma Says:

    Hi I just want to say what a great blog you have. I love your tips on deschooling. I am just starting out on the deschooling journey. I see that you have a book coming out next year will it be available outside of the US. We live in Cyprus but I also have family in the UK.

    Many thanks

  5. Tammy Says:

    Beth, Colleen and Sheri – It’s amazing how a simple idea can be so powerful! Someone said it to me years ago, and it stuck. The world makes so much of a fuss about academics, being smart, getting grades, when it’s relationships and self-image that is the basis of everything. It’s IS everything. But it can’t be measured. And it’s easy to blame a million different things on why a person doesn’t have a solid sense of self.

    Emma – Thanks for the kudos! When Deschooling Gently is released, it will be available on Amazon. Amazon ships internationally, right? If you have any problems, I can pass along your question to my publisher.

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