Homeschooling Poll – Why do you homeschool?

I made up my own quickie version of the “why do you homeschool” poll. For some reason, I can’t get the clicky boxes to work on this post. So please click over to the poll page and answer there. Feel free to comment here, or under the poll result page. You’re also welcome to link directly to the poll from your blog if you’d like. Looking forward to your responses.

Why Do You Homeschool?
  Educational flexibility to meet everyone’s needs
  After looking at all the choices, it fit the best
  Closer family
  Freedom to be our authentic selves
  To include more moral or religious instruction
  Freedom from religious social pressure in my community
  Safety and physical health reasons
  To have joy and enthusiasm in learning
  To learn about the “real world” with real world experience
  To increase academic achievement
  To get out of an unhealthy situation at school
  Because it’s just such a darn fun and happy way to live
  Other (please clarify in comment section) free polls

10 Responses to “Homeschooling Poll – Why do you homeschool?”

  1. Ami Says:

    How about ‘most of the above’?

    The religious reason does not apply to our family, but there are certainly moral standards that I don’t feel are upheld in a public school environment.

    We also homeschool because we tried public school. It didn’t take long to learn how very different institutional learning is from REAL learning.

  2. Karen Says:

    Can we vote for more than one reason? Or maybe we should vote for why we began to homeschool, which is infinitely different from why we continue to homeschool!

  3. Tammy Says:

    Yes! You can vote for as many reasons as are appropriate, both for when you started and why you continue to homeschool.

  4. sunniemom Says:

    When I started HSing, I didn’t know much about it. I thought you had to use BJU, A Beka, or Alpha Omega. I started thinking desks and a blackboard. It took me three years to deprogram myself, and discover all the wonderful reasons to homeschool.

    I chose most of the reasons you posted. Our reasons are really all about family and preparing our children for productive, purposeful, and positive futures.

    I am a sucker for alliteration. 😀 Gonna go blog about this now.

  5. Summer Says:

    Another “most of the above” for me. I think I checked all but 3 of the boxes. LOL It’s hard to narrow it down to one good reason, there are so many great reasons!

  6. Sheri Says:

    Oops, I guess I should redo the poll, I only checked off the reason we started…which of course now has nothing to do with why we continue to.

  7. Sarah Khayat Says:

    Well, the only reason that doesn’t apply to our family is the unhealthy school situation.

    And I would add that by educational flexibility, I mean the freedom to accelerate my children’s learning in the areas where they are proficient, and concentrate intensely on the areas where they are weak.

  8. Toni baloney Says:

    Just wanted to say that we are hsing for 2 big reasons. My son was born premature and I started researching what that would do to him, learning-wise, when he was about 2 yrs. old. By then I was certain that I was seeing a different (and one that I considered difficult at the time) learning style than my 2nd born, a girl. We were also traveling, for pleasure, for 6 mos. out of every year BEFORE we had children and decided that this lifestyle would produce some very interesting children. So when one of the poll q’s was “learning about the REAL world”, I would have to say that is the 2nd reason that we continue to HS.

  9. Why Do You Homeschool? « The Home Education Blog Blog Says:

    […] 2007 in educational freedom, living our lives Tammy Takahashi has going a Why Do You Homeschool? poll that’s a major improvement over the usual. No Comments Leave a Commenttrackback […]

  10. mom24 Says:

    The benefits to HSing are so numerous, I’m not even sure what was the primary reason for us. I knew that my children could learn at their own pace for their own learning style and still come out ahead of those in institutional education. But mostly, I feel responsible for EVERYTHING that they learn since I chose to have them and rear them! I want them to LOVE to learn, and I just don’t think any other teacher has that kind of vested interest in them!

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