Surprising Truths We Learn From Our Children

Arun over at the parenting pit is celebrating his one year blog anniversary. Happy Blog Birthday Arun!

To celebrate this milestone, he lists five things his kids have taught him (with some cute pictures).

He asked us to write about the things our kids have taught us. Here are my 5 things:

1) The value of stopping and appreciating earthworms from time to time.

2) For the most part, they need role models more than they need teachers.

3) Never underestimate the power of a kid brain. Like my son says, “Sometimes, kids know more than adults.”

4) If you don’t like how things are going right now, wait 10 minutes, and it’ll be different. Same goes for learning and interests – just because they aren’t into it today, don’t mean they’ll never be into it. Take fairies for example. My 6 year old – has had this anti-fairy thing going on for a while (anti-girly-girl heroines). Suddenly, she’s into fairies. Because she found a book about tinkerbell. Who, is not a girlygirl.

5) Lastly, they have taught me what it really means to unconditionally love someone. Before they came around, I had no idea what that was like.


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