New Unschooling Journal – Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning (JUAL)

I was surprised to see this in my AERO newsletter today. I haven’t seen anything about it in the homeschooling/unschooling circles. Perhaps because this is a Canadian publication? And, I haven’t read my most recent issue of Life Learning, so perhaps I missed something mentioned there.

Feedback welcome.

AERO member Carlo Ricci has established what may be the first scholarly journal on unschooling. Here is his announcement:

I am pleased to invite submissions for the next issue of the online peer-reviewed publication, the Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning (JUAL), to be published as papers become accepted. Authors of original research interested in submitting manuscripts to be considered for publication in JUAL should review the JUAL home page (, and the Submissions for detailed information on submission requirements.

JUAL seeks to bring together an international community of scholars exploring the topic of unschooling and alternative learning, which espouses learner centered democratic approaches to learning. JUAL is also a space to reveal the limitations of mainstream schooling.

JUAL understands learner centered democratic education as individuals deciding their own curriculum, and participating in the governance of their school—if they are in one. Some examples of learner centered democratic possibilities are unschooling, Sudbury Valley, Fairhaven, the Albany Free School, and the Beach School in Toronto. In terms of unschooling, we view it as a self-directed learning approach to learning outside of the mainstream education rather than homeschooling, which reproduces the learning structures of school in the home.
It will offer readers relevant theoretical discussions and act as a catalyst for expanding existing knowledge in specific areas of practice and/or research on learning relevant to the journals mandate. The journal will be available at as a free publication containing material written in French or English. JUAL will initially be published as articles become accepted for publication. When enough articles to make an issue are available, we will publish them as an issue.

Questions can be addressed to the editors of JUAL by contacting Carlo Ricci at

Note: I tried connecting to their website, but it timed out. Can anyone get to it?


2 Responses to “New Unschooling Journal – Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning (JUAL)”

  1. Beth Says:

    I can get to the website… I used

  2. Karen Joy Says:

    I got into the website, too. It looks like, according to their archives, that this is their first issue. I didn’t read the articles, but they look both scholarly and useful. And, they have a page of helpful-looking links. And submission guidelines. Not that I know anyone who might be interested in submitting anything to such a journal. 😉

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