Raw and Real Homeschooling Magazine – Secular Homeschooler

I’m thrilled to see the TOC of the first issue of Secular Homeschooler. Has anyone got their hot little hands on a copy yet?

There are two articles available online. You’ll see that there is no tip-toeing around in this magazine. Real issues, real opinions. From the TOC, it looks like there is a variety of opinions and perspectives.

Great job to Deborah, the editor, for getting this baby out into the world.


9 Responses to “Raw and Real Homeschooling Magazine – Secular Homeschooler”

  1. Anna Says:

    I just saw this today. I am going to subscribe ASAP.

  2. Jackie Says:

    Yup, I have it in my hands. I’m really impressed with what I’ve read so far. The thing I like best is the honesty. She isn’t afraid to say that sometimes homeschooling is hard and sometimes certain homeschooling circles are just not cool. I’ve seen her “list” making its rounds on a bunch of homeschool lists this week– it is a huge hit. And BTW, the magazine is printed on paper kind of like the kind used by literary journals and it *is* meaty, not fluffy

  3. Sheri Says:

    I clicked on the link and read the two sample articles posted. Excellent…just excellent. I particularly enjoyed “The Bitter Homeschooler’s Wishlist”, brilliant.

  4. Noodle Says:

    I found out about it a few days ago, and I ordered a copy. I can’t wait to get it!

  5. Sarah Says:

    I’ve enjoyed your insightful blog, Tammy. THANK YOU. By the way, I am new to blog world and this meme thing…but you’ve been tagged.

  6. Karen Joy Says:

    Hey, I think I found Deborah Markus’ blog, for anyone who’s interested. She’s the editor of Secular Homeschooling.

  7. Karen Joy Says:

    Hm. Is that link not working? It’s http://www.madeditor.com .

  8. Summer Says:

    I’m asking for a subscription for my present this year. I’ve heard nothing but good reviws of it. 🙂

  9. I received an “I love your blog” award! « Gemini Musings Says:

    […] Just Enough, and Nothing More, a secular homeschooling blog by Tammy Takahashi. If you have the slightes interest or concern […]

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