Questions About Homeschooling and Learning Without School

LifeWithoutSchool put up a new page yesterday that addresses questions people have asked the writers about homeschooling. A few of us tackled some of the questions. Robin, the site owner, is planning on adding to the page as new questions come up. Some of the questions asked are:

How do we talk to concerned friends and family about our children being homeschooled?
How does unschooling work?
How do we get everything covered?
How do we deal with multiple ages and learning styles? (I answered this one.)
How can we motivate our children to read?

Lots more there. Take a peek. Send in your own questions if you’d like. (Or you can post them in the comments.)


2 Responses to “Questions About Homeschooling and Learning Without School”

  1. tobeme Says:

    This is a great resource, it will be great to see it evolve.

  2. Kris B Says:

    Going over to see right now if my favorite question is there:

    But…What about Prom?? (asked by my mother when my oldest was FIVE.

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