Part-time school. Charter schools that have home-study programs. Public home-study programs. These in-between options have been driving the homeschooling community bonkers! The families that use them aren’t independent homeschoolers. Yet they aren’t fully entrenched public schoolers either. So, what are they?

There’s an effort to make sure that charter don’t call their students homeschoolers. The argument is that the term is reserved for those who do not go to school, and who don’t give up their rights and responsibility to education one’s children to another entity. It’s what it’s meant for a long time, and now with these new grey-area programs, parents are left in limbo not knowing what to call themselves.

I’ve said for a while that I’d like a new name for me as a not-quite-unschooler, another kind of limbo place. But I’ve also struggled with this idea of what exactly is a parent who uses a charter or home-study or a program like that.

Today, I came up with a name for that limbo state. Tell me what you think: Flex-schooling. Flex-schoolers.

This means, reporting to a school, doing what the school requires and doing all that comes  with being with a school, particularly public, but being able to do it whenever and wherever a parent wants to. It’s flexible schooling. Flex-schooling.

Flex-schooling. Will it become the new public school model one day?


One Response to “Flex-schooling”

  1. sam Says:

    I’d love to see a public school model that accepts and allows for children and families to pick and choose what they do or do not want from the public schools. I also think that the model I envision would be too much trouble for the bureaucrats in charge because it would have to survive on a minimum of testing and a maximum of allowing families to take only what they need or want and allow that children can learn without being forced to prove that they’ve learned.

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