Deschooling Gently – Phase 1

I am so excited, I just have to share with you all!

A few minutes ago, I sent to my editor the first draft of the entire manuscript for Deschooling Gently: A Step by Step Guide to Fearless Homeschooling!

This is really going to happen. And it’s still slated to come out around March of next year. As soon as finalize the table of contents, and get some quotables, I’ll post them. But here’s a preview:

In Deschooling Gently, I talk about:

• Finding the path that works for you, according to your own family’s needs and personality
• Tools to avoid burnout
• How to create a learning environment where we aren’t co-dependent on school process, yet allows for the flexibility of using school tools if that is what works
• Changing our perspective from a place of being afraid of what might happen, to looking forward to the many possibilities of the future
• How to be “on the ball” without breaking our backs to get everything done
• Learning how to do “just enough” and recognizing when what we ask of ourselves is unrealistic and distracting from what is really important – our own definition of success

You can preorder now at my publisher’s website. I’m also going to have a launch party in near Los Angeles sometime in the first half of 2008. I hope to see many of you there! Thank you so much for supporting me while I go through this crazy process of becoming an author.


7 Responses to “Deschooling Gently – Phase 1”

  1. tobeme Says:

    Congratulations!! You should be excited! Way to go!

  2. April Says:

    Don’t forget us when your famous!

  3. Kimberly Says:

    Congratulations Tammy!

  4. Sheri Says:

    Awesome. How exciting for you…congrats!

  5. Laura :) Says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!! Woooohooooo!!!

    You are officially the coolest person I know! 🙂

  6. Karen Joy Says:

    How could I have missed this? I always suspected, or assumed (or something) that you were writing a book, but I’ve missed all posts where you talked about it.

    Many congratulations!!!

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